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Reasons To Fear Canada

Canadians get a bad rap for being what they are, as do citizens from other many other countries. Neighbors to the North of the U.S. may be waaaayyy underestimated. Perhaps they should be taken more […]

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Dentist Pulls All Of Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth Out After Getting Dumped

Break ups are bad. Everyone generally agrees that no truer words have been written since William Congreve’s 1697 declaration: “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned. Nor hell a fury like a woman […]

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How We’re Endangering Animals

It’s common knowledge that climate change, human population expansion, and poaching are all imminent threats to many species of the animal kingdom. Perhaps “survival of the fittest” involves possessing compassion for non-human critters we share […]

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Death: The Heart of the Matter

Sudden cardiac arrest kills twice as many people a year as breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined. The shocking truth is, we are under many misconceptions about this mass killer.

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What’s Exactly In Hotdogs Anyhow?

People joke about the contents of hotdogs frequently but never really know beyond a doubt what is precisely in them. Scientists studied meat product closely and found some really creepy stuff in them, despite the […]

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The Flight From Conversation

Human relationships over the past 15 years have significantly less face to face interactions and more “alone together” interactions due to the use of technology. Text messages, email, and even Facebook are only enabling The […]

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8 Prolific Female Serial Killers

When one considers serial killers, most think of Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, and other notorious men, not women. It seems the fairer sex is just as capable of committing murder as the following 8 […]

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Newborn Baby Found Alive In Morgue 12 Hours After Being Declared Dead

Argentinian couple Analia Bouquet and Fabian Vernon thought they had lost their 5th child, a daughter, at birth when she was born prematurely at just 26 weeks gestation. As they were paying their last respects, […]

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13 Awful Easter Bunny Family Photos

The Easter Bunny is one of the greatest creatures on earth. Responsible for delivering baskets full of confections, eggs, and plastic grass, the Easter Bunny makes many smile. And also makes kids, pets, and grownups […]

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You’re Doing It Wrong: Road Rage Backfire

Bad drivers can infuriate even the most patient, gentle souls on earth. Road rage happens and sometimes the results can be totally dangerous. Here’s You’re Doing It Wrong: Road Rage Backfire.

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