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The World Without The Internet

The U.S. government’s attempts at controlling the way information is passed via the Internet is like playing with fire. What if we didn’t have massive amounts of information available at the click of link? To […]

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U.S. Kids Getting More ADHD Drugs, Fewer Antibiotics

A recent survey conducted by the U.S. Food and Administration found that from 2002 to 2010 the use of antibiotics among children declined while the use of meds to treat ADHD rose tremendously. This is […]

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7 Ways Facebook And The Internet Are Screwing With Your Life

The Internet has seemingly limitless information accessible by the click of a mouse. That “power” combined with access to the world’s biggest social network can have amazing results. There’s a downside to both though. Read […]

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Revealed: Hundreds Of Words To Avoid Using Online If You Don’t Want The Government Spying On You (And They Include ‘Pork,’ ‘Cloud,’ and ‘Mexico’)

It seems the long arm of Uncle Sam has extended its reach to social networking sites and other forms of online media. The Department of Homeland Security just released a list of words which draw […]

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The Single Mom Catastrophe

Single parenting requires superhero strength and support from numerous sources but, as this article shows, it may be draining the world of its most vital resource: children. Here’s more with The Single Mom Catastrophe.

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Obama Ordered Devastating Cyberattacks Against Iran

The New York Times has reported a cyber war using massive spyware and coding has been waged between the world’s most powerful countries all to thwart control of nuclear weapons. Here’s more with Obama Ordered […]

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The 8 Best Business Movies Of All Time

The endless wheel of work never stops spinning. Whether you’re looking for a 9-5, loving the job you have, or absolutely despise your work, you’re going to love The 8 Best Business Movies Of All […]

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Does Sugar Make You Stupid?

We all know full well we are what we eat. Filling our bodies with things that are good for it has its benefits. Filling our bodies with junk has its hazards. Recent research by the […]

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Illustrations That Made Edgar Allen Poe’s Stories Even More Horrifying

Harry Clarke added a new dimension of absolutely scarier than scary to Edgar Allen Poe’s 1919 book Tales Of Mystery and Imagination. The artist illustrated Poe’s already twisted and haunting tales in a deluxe edition […]

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Could You Go Offline For A Year?

Imagine your world without the complications and distractions the Internet offers. Life without endless surfing in the vacuum of an Internet minute and no Google, Youtube, Facebook, or video games (gasp!). Would your life be […]

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