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Study: Obesity Increases Driver’s Risk Of Being In Car Accident

There are many jokes about women behind the wheel but a recent study shows that weight, not gender, can greatly affect a person’s ability to stay safe behind the wheel. Here’s more with Study: Obesity […]

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Adult Kids Living At Home On The Rise Across The Board

The economy is causing people to tighten their purse strings, batten the hatches on their wallets, and resort to great lengths to push through these tough financial times. Over 24% of people ages 20 to […]

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Google Kept Street View Data

The latest news from Britain is that Google broke a promise after it was discovered the monstrous search giant had spied on several counties. Here is more with Google Kept Street View Data.

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Dry And Dying: Images Of Drought

The world can’t live without water. Devastating consequences caused by a lack of precipitation can be seen throughout different places on the globe. Here’s the visual proof with Dry And Dying: Images Of Drought.

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Is The Web Driving Us Mad?

Technology’s grip on our minds is taking hold in not so wonderful ways. Recent research is waving a massive red flag regarding the pervasiveness of the Internet, its addictive qualities and even its psychosis-inducing hold […]

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Are You Raising A Douchebag?

Parenting is tough, especially with willful, demanding children. There is a difference between a “spirited child” and a full fledged brat. Here’s help figuring out just what you’re dealing with, to help answer: Are You […]

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The 4 Stupidest Things People Love Getting Offended About

People have a way of getting really upset over the teeniest things and miss the big stuff, particularly within the U.S. Rather than sweating the small stuff, read The 4 Stupidest Things People Love Getting […]

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Bath Salts: Deep In The Heart Of America’s New Drug Nightmare

It’s been over a year and a half since some Louisianans made headlines by inhaling bath salts to get high. Little did we know that those kids would be part of an increasingly dangerous trend […]

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Wildfire Puts City Of Boulder On Pre-Evacuation Orders

Despite massive firefighting attempts, a blaze in the Flatirons of Boulder County, Colorado is threatening to consume sections of the city of Boulder. All recreational areas from Eldorado Sprinds to Boulder Canyon have been closed […]

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10 Most Serious Public Health Scares Ever

Long ago people had to worry only about the simple things: food, shelter, injury, illness, and protecting themselves from obvious predators. As life has grown increasingly complex, so have our predators which are hard to […]

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