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Why Is Obama Skipping More Than Half Of His Daily Intelligence Meetings?

As President Barack Obama is blazing the campaign trail with his sights on re-election, the Washington Post has published new figures on his daily activities. It seems that the leader of the U.S. has regularly […]

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Bad News For Movie Fans, U.S. Drought Hits Popcorn Crop

Snackers be warned! The massive drought in the Midwestern U.S. is going to affect their ability to munch and nibble. Soybean and grain prices are through the roof thanks to the “worst growing season ever” […]

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Harvard Investigating Over 100 Students For Plagiarism

A wave of 125 Harvard students are involved in a word theft investigation. The incident is the largest cheating scandal of it’s kind (in the form of a take-home exam) and involves more kids than […]

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Breeding Penguins Vanishing From Antarctic Island

Naysayers of climate change might want to book a boat to the Antarctic to study chinstrap penguins for proof it exists. Not only is the ice melting at ridiculous rates but the long term residents, […]

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New Study Says Music Is Way More Depressing Now

Not only has the quality of music decreased but research conducted by the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, And The Arts now says that the overall message it leaves us with is a total downer. Yech. […]

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Republican Convention Threatened By Storm

Weather forecasters are predicting that Mother Nature may interfere with The Republican National Convention scheduled to be held in Tampa, Florida, next week. Things could get really interesting if Tropical Storm Isaac causes this major […]

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‘Compliance’: The Year’s Most Controversial Film

Hollywood is notorious for exploring the darker aspects of life while stirring up all kinds of reactions from the masses. At this year’s 2012 Sundance Film Festival, the film “Compliance” did just that and more. […]

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5 Public Health Nightmares Facing Humanity

Here are five of the more realistic AND scary ways that humanity could enter into a state of extinction. Here’s hoping we find a way to colonize space and have a robust future, rather than […]

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National Weather Service Follows Huge DHS In Ammo Purchase

One of the six scientific agencies which comprise the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration we all know well as the National Weather Service has placed an order for a massive number of bullets and other […]

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Stuxnet: The New Face of Cyber Warfare

In 2012 a computer worm by the name of Stuxnet made its debut. The worm was originially made to stop Iran’s nuclear efforts, but has since been leaked to the public, and could cause more […]

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