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Obama ‘Drone-Warfare Rulebook’ Condemned By Human Rights Groups

Anyone who regularly looks to the night sky may or may not have noticed the moving lights of drones (or “wasps” as I refer to them) fluttering about. Though much debate exists about their existence […]

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10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In The World

Poverty and violence reign in many places throughout the world. Professionals in the demanding field of social work know just how dangerous living in crime ridden neighborhoods rampant with gangs, drugs, and conflict know precisely […]

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10 Deadiest Air Disasters Caused By Miscommunication

Flying is one of the most safe ways to travel but when human errors occur, the results are catastrophic. Miscommunication is the number one cause of airplane crashes and all it takes is just one […]

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Redheads May Be At Higher Risk Of Melanoma Even Without Sun

Gingers beware: a new study published in Nature shows that those with light skin, eyes, and red hair have an increased risk of developing the most deadly form of skin cancer. Researchers have linked melanoma […]

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How Do You Raise A Prodigy?

If you were blessed with a child far smarter than the others (and perhaps even yourself) chances are you feel a bit overwhelmed. Raising kids is a difficult job made even more difficult when your […]

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Google’s Data-Collecting Habits Drawing More Scrutiny

Search engine monstrosity Google is in more trouble as regulators from the European Union probe further into the company’s privacy policies, hazy data tracking principles, and it’s collection of photographs, chat messages, emails, and passwords. […]

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Could Your Stuff Be Haunted? Ghostbusting The Creepiest Antiques

Collector’s Weekly has an interesting look at supposedly haunted objects – from porcelain dolls to Ouija boards – that have totally freaked people out just by touching them. By examining not only the stories behind […]

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Hybrid Of Sandy, Winter Storm Threatens East Coast

A massive storm is winding up to slam the eastern coast of the U.S. if Hurricane Sandy and a blast of Northern Arctic air intersect as predicted on Sunday. Forecasters and government researchers expect high […]

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Live: Google’s Earnings Disaster

On October 18, 2012, search engine monstrosity Google suffered a huge financial hit in what many are calling an outright “disaster” following a glitch, a trade halt, and a scramble. If you don’t know the […]

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When To Go To The Emergency Room

Have you ever been faced with that sinking, unknowing feeling about whether to go to the emergency room or not? Well, save yourself a wasted trip to the ER by checking out this chart which […]

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