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Should Children Take ADHD Drugs Even If They Don’t Have The Disorder

There’s crazy. And then there’s just absolutely insane…like medicating kids for no reason. Here’s a revealing look inside of the educational and healthcare systems in relation to the behavior and treatment issues of ADD/ADHD with […]

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10 Most Haunted Forests On Earth

Do you think spirits lurk in the woods? Have you ever had that feeling you weren’t alone? Ever hear footsteps or strange sounds that came from “nowhere”? You aren’t alone as the following 10 Most […]

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“Potential Prostitutes” Site Lets Users Label Women As Prostitutes, Charges “Removal” Fees

In “egads” news, a new layer of sleaze has been detected on the far reaches of the Interwebz to add disgust to the issues of public shaming, privacy, and yech. People can now pronounce sex […]

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4 Dangerously Influential Dimwits

A dimwit is best defined as someone who isn’t terribly bright and who has the tendency to be a little more than dumb. Unfortunately, some of these people have a strong pull in certain arenas. […]

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N.Y. Newspaper Posts Gun Permit Map, Starts Nasty Online Battle

With the battle over gun control deepening following the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, The Journal News of White Plains, NY, took extreme measures to add a layer of transparency to the ever tightening […]

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Application Security. How Protected Are You?

Hackers are getting more and more advanced every day. It’s increasingly hard for application security to stay current with the rate technology is advancing. This infographic from Veracode explores just how vulnerable we really are. […]

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What If Drugs Were Legal

With weed legal in some states, chances are the (highly) outdated laws governing marijuana (and perhaps other drugs) could be considered. Some say addicts would “take care” of themselves and find an early grave if […]

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So you want a Dirty Job?

There are some jobs that no one really wants to do, but someone has to do them. Here are ten of the dirtiest jobs out there, and the salaries they command (take note: not all […]

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French Sperm Count ‘Falls By A Third’

Researchers investigated the swimming ability of over 26,000 Frenchmen’s semen from 1989 through 2005 and found the rate of viable spermatozoa dropped on average by 1.9 percent per year. Dietary issues, chemical exposure, and lifestyle […]

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How Much Caffeine Would It Take To Kill You ?

A recent lawsuit filed against Monster Energy Drinks by the parents of a 14 year old girl who died of cardiac arrest after consuming the drink poses the question: How Much Caffeine Would It Take […]

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