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The Hell Of American Day Care

If you’re a parent in the U.S., chances are great that finding someone you trust to care for your little one while you work is harder than ever. Take a deep look into how American […]

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WordPress Website Targeted By Hackers

Hold your fingers! One of the best known blogging platforms (home to over 17% of international websites) is hung up in the clutches of a nasty botnet. And it’s assumed this giant monstrosity has targeted […]

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Toyota, Honda, and Nissan Recall Over 3 Million Cars

Japanese auto manufacturers have recalled 3 million plus automobiles due to issues with passenger side airbags. If you own one of these brands, check out the following link to be sure your car or truck […]

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Chronic Inflammation: America’s Silent Killer

What do cancer, obesity, hay fever, and diabetes have in common? Chronic inflammation. This infographic from shows some interesting stats on how chronic inflammation is impacting America’s health. It then explores ways in which individuals can […]

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The Numbers Behind Autism in America

Autism is one of the fastest-growing developmental disabilities in the United States. Check out this infographic to learn about the numbers behind autism in America.

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Study: Dementia Tops Cancer, Heart Disease In Cost

The National Institute on Aging led a study on the long term costs of Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease, and cancer and drew alarming conclusions. Here’s more with Study: Dementia Tops Cancer, Heart Disease In Cost.

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Are You Carrying The Redhead Gene?

Rumor has it among scientists that gingers will go extinct within the next 100 years. Though some see this as no big deal which may actually be good for the planet, others see it as […]

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Is Stress Killing You?

We all get stressed from time to time, but how exactly does it affect us? Check out this infographic to learn about how stress could be killing you slowly.

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Sounds of Arguing Affect Sleeping Babies’ Brains

A team of researchers studied twenty infants (aged 6 months to one year) using MRI imaging to determine the impact of conflict on their developing minds. The result: Sounds Of Arguing Affect Sleeping Babies’ Brains.

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Dog Bites and Home Insurance Claims

In 2011, dog bites represented more than one-third of home insurance liability claims paid in the U.S. The total bill? Nearly $479 million, according to the Insurance Information Institute, with the average payout surpassing $29,000. Check out this […]

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