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The Decline Of Eye Contact?

Humanity is in state per the latest study conducted by Quantified Impressions, an Austin, Texas, communications/analytics company. The organization studied over 3,000 people and found that though they should be making eye contact 60-70% of […]

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First Leprosy Case Reported In Republic Of Ireland

Health authorities and people around the world have taken notice though as attention draws toward what many thought was an eradicated chronic infection. The identity of a Brazilian man in the Irish Republic diagnosed with […]

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The Brain of a Serial Killer

Want to know how the brain of a serial killer works? Check out this infographic to learn about the psychology behind serial killers.

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America’s Health (Dis)Advantage

The National Academy of Sciences launched an in-depth study into the American health system and found startling results. See for yourself here with America’s Health (Dis)Advantage.

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Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Awful Products Made By Monsanto

Monsanto’s questionable business practices and scandalous history combined with their controversial product development, genetically engineered seeds, and dangerous herbicides make the company one of the most powerful forces on earth. And like most powerful forces, […]

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Hundreds Of Starving Sea Lion Pups Get A Helping Hand

In tear jerking news this morning, if you’re familiar with the sea lion situation on California’s shores that began in January, this story will touch you. And if you’re not, you need to be aware. […]

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7 Signs We Are Heading For A Mass Extinction

Scientists have predicted that humanity will be wiped from the planet several times. Though they haven’t determined exactly when, they’re pretty sure it’s going to happen. Here’s 7 Signs We Are Heading For A Mass […]

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How Is Media Affecting Kids?

Technology and television are useful tools to offer instruction to the very young and very old but how much is too much? Here’s an inside look into just how much screen time young children spend […]

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The Scary Risk Snorers Face

If your bedmate cuts more logs all night than a lumberjack, you need to worry. And then convince him or her to get checked out because according to the latest research from Detroit’s Henry Ford […]

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How is Media Affecting Kids?

Today, kids are constantly being bombarded with new tech devices and media. Check out this infographic to learn about how media and technology is affecting children.

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