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If The IRS Levies My Bank Account, Can I Stop It?

With a name like “IRS Hitman,” chances are great that there is more than a little authority behind the inside secrets of evading one of the scariest government organizations in the U.S. Here’s their answer […]

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Driving Somewhere? There’s A Gov’t Record Of That

It seems the justice department has a new way to monitor citizens in the U.S.: by tracking their cars. Per the Mesquite Police Department in Texas’s Lieutenant Bill Hedgpeth, “There’s no expectation of privacy.” Read […]

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Why Men Still Can’t Have It All

The work/home balance affecting all people on earth has no gender distinction though it does impact men and women differently. It’s a big pill to swallow at times but accepting Why Men Still Can’t Have […]

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Facebook Reveals Government Spying Numbers [UPDATE: Microsoft, Too]

In “wow, just wow” news, a limited disclosure offered by Facebook attorney Ted Ullyot confirmed that government entities accessed between “18,000 and 19,000” Facebook accounts during the last six months of 2012. This information certainly […]

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Why Pot Makes Some People Psychotic

You may find it crazy but some people literally lose their minds after years and years of smoking weed. And researchers have found out why. Check out Why Pot Makes Some People Psychotic.

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Which Drugs Actually Kill Americans [Infographic]

Wake up world: Big Pharma may be more lethal than any street drug you, your family, your children, your friends, and your loved ones consume. In fact, we’ve got the proof in the latest infographic […]

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Nature’s Fearless Fighting Machines

We’re all programmed with the instinctual “flight or fight” instinct but some species’ fight response is incredible. See for yourself here with Nature’s Fearless Fighting Machines.

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25,000 Dead Bees Found In Oregon Parking Lot, Thousands Were ‘Raining Out Of Trees,’ Conservationist Says [Photos]

One of the worst ever mass bumble bee deaths has happened in Oregon due to what experts predict was improper pesticide use. As one of the largest seed producers in the U.S., this incident could […]

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Born Bad To The Bone

Here’s a startling but true fact: up to thirty percent of adult behavior is set at the time of conception. Which means that evil could perhaps be born, not made. Read more about others’ struggles […]

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How Serious Is A Child’s Abscessed Tooth?

Abscesses of any kind are incredibly serious but when your little one is suffering from an abscessed tooth, it’s hard to not panic. Stay calm and read How Serious Is A Child’s Abscessed Tooth for […]

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