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Krokodil, Flesh-Eating Drug, Reported In Arizona (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

We all know drugs rot the soul but they officially can now rot your flesh too. The lethal combination of painkillers, booze, and petrol found in the Russian born cheap version of heroin known as […]

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Online Security Pioneer Predicts Grim Future

It seems NSA has opened the gateway to completely eliminating the safety SSL encryption provides by compromising the most important element for internet users. And the ramifications are monstrous. Read about it here with Online […]

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What Kind Of Snake Is This?

You know how it happens: you’re on a hike, you’re out in your garden, you’re standing in a marshy water fishing and then “hsssssss.” People and snakes have a historically fearful relationship but despite this, […]

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Cocaine Rewires Brain, Overrides Decision-Making After Just One Use, Says Study

In case you haven’t figured it out for yourself, it’s truly best that you stay away from blow, snow, white, nose candy, and whatever street name you call coke. And if you need proof, check […]

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The Grim Facts About Global Nuclear Stockpiles

If you’re warily skeptical of anything nuclear, you should be. There’s harsh reality lurking in the U.S., Russia, the U.K., France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Isreal. Here are The Grim Facts About Global […]

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Scientists Discover Another Cause Of Bee Deaths, And It’s Really Bad News

A new study suggests that fungicides may be the component causing Colony Collapse Disorder in rapidly declining bee populations. Find out more here with Scientists Discover Another Cause Of Bee Deaths, And It’s Really Bad […]

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How Low Can It Go? Millions Of Americans Living On Less Than $2 A Day According To Alarming New Study

In the U.S. right now, there’s poor and there’s a new heartbreakingly sad level of poverty striking millions upon millions of families. Read their stories here with How Low Can It Go? Millions Of Americans […]

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Japan Nuclear Agency Upgrades Fukushima Alert Level

Japan is under the watchful eye of much of the world as mounting evidence supports that the radiation leak from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is far, far worse than the Japanese government and […]

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Autism Linked With Induced Labor

Expecting parents may need to rethink their birth plans: new research from Duke University has found that of the 625,000 babies born from 1990 through 1998, 27% of the babies born to mothers who were […]

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Climate Study Predicts A Watery Future For New York, Boston, And Miami

Climate scientist Anders Levermann has great news for people who hate New York, California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida. And horrible news for people who love it. Leveermann lead an atmospheric study that […]

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