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Scary Halloween Stories

Have you ever heard a creepy Halloween tale so unsettling you got goosebumps? If not, you can now with the following Scary Halloween Stories.

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The Scariest Places In America

Halloween is just around the corner and what a better way to celebrate than scour the internet looking for the creepiest spaces in the U.S. See them here with The Scariest Places in America.

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Watch Live: Manhunt For Ottawa Shooting Suspect

There’s a lockdown in Ottawa, Canada, on Parliament Hill. And officials are searching for a shooter after a soldier was shot at the National War Memorial. See more here with Watch Live: Manhunt for Ottawa […]

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Six Seriously Spooky Sites

Americans are notorious for believing in spiritual beings which may or may not be real (depending on who you ask). The fact of the matter is, if you have ever lived in an old house […]

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5 Things Your Doctor Really Wants To Say To You (But Won’t)

How often do you go to the doctor? What if you should only go if you think death is edging into your life? What doctors see, feel, and experience every day is something us normal […]

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Key Findings: Mortality Resulting From Congenital Heart Disease Among Children And Adults In The United States, 1999-2006

Researchers collected data from the young and grown living with one of the most menacing health issues known to man: congenital heart disease. The conclusions remind us all how powerless we are in the big […]

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El Salvador Is Imprisoning Women Who Miscarry

The justice system in El Salvador is pressing the limits of going too far into the reproductive rights of its female citizens. Read how El Salvador Is Imprisoning Women Who Miscarry.

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The Real Reason You’re Circumcised

Did your folks have your man parts snipped when you were a newborn? Do you have any idea why they did or didn’t? Now you can know the truth behind this (extremely barbaric) practice with […]

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Testosterone, The Biggest Men’s Health Craze Since Viagra, May Be Risky

We are all aware of the inherent dangers of guys ramped up on hormones. And new trends toward boosting male hormones could have potentially terrible effects. Read more here with Testosterone, The Biggest Men’s Health […]

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Killer Virus Spreads Unchecked Through U.S. Hog Belt, Pushing Pork To Record

The price of bacon just skyrocketed thanks to really awful conditions of the pork industry. Read why here with Killer Virus Spreads Unchecked Through U.S. Hog Belt, Pushing Pork to Record.

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