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Inside Putin’s Information War

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is a force to be reckoned with. His power and capabilities are great. But there’s a few issues that need attending. See Inside Putin’s Information War.

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6 Ways Women’s Prison Is More Horrifying Than It Looks On TV

If a third generation correctional officer tells you the last place he’d ever want to set foot is a female prison, you have no choice to trust him. But if you still doubt his wisdom, […]

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Why Poor People Stay Poor

You don’t know broke until you’ve reached deep into your pockets and realized that despite its absence, all the money in the world will give you nothing that you need. The truth is our modern […]

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How Arousal Overrides Disgust During Sex: Study

Do you smell bad enough that no deodorant can tackle your au de natural musk? We have really good news for you. This will not affect the ladies if you treat her right. Read How […]

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9 Legendary Monsters of Christmas

If you are not a fan of the Jolly Old Saint Nick’s trot through the world stealing into houses on Christmas Eve, you will not like this list. In fact stop reading before you learn […]

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Climate Change Takes A Village

The radical impact of how much petroleum consumption and its fallout have warped ecosystems beyond repair is painfully clear in the remote island town of Shishmaref. Read it and weep here with Climate Change Takes […]

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Do Narcissists Know They Are Narcissists?

If you know anyone with the dark and selfish personality traits that embody the narcissist, you’re not alone. And if you spend any time around them, chances are you wonder often if they are remotely […]

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Swimming Polar Bears Chase Photographer In Waters Off Alaska

Imagine being super hungry because you weigh some 500+ pounds. Then imagine a man with a Go Pro in your face as you’re trying to find food. Then check this out: Swimming Polar Bears Chase […]

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I-Team: Hacker Posts Private Live Streams Of Hundreds In Tri-State

A Russian hacker accessed tens of thousands upon thousands of security cameras and posted it online to teach all of us a lesson: change your passwords regularly and often. Read and watch I-Team: Hacker Posts […]

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Milk Is About To Become Really Expensive

Climate change is affecting us all and altering our food sources. And that doesn’t exclude dairy cows. Read more here with Milk Is About To Become Really Expensive.

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