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Where Our Relationship Patterns Come From

We do what we see. And what we know. So if you grew up in tremendous instability watching your parents in an unhealthy relationship with insecure attachment to them, chances are you’re doing the same. […]

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too young

How Young Is Too Young To Be Sterilized?

Ever notice how some people don’t want to have kids no matter how old, or more importantly, young they are? I have. And it seems doctors are unwilling to perform permanent sterilization if a patient […]

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Facial Recognition Will Soon End your Anonymity

A new app called FindFace has quickly eliminated the barrier between privacy and anonymity. Here’s Facial Recognition Will Soon End Your Anonymity.

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The Absolute Worst Stories of Horrible Bosses We Could Find

Chances are you’ve wanted to take your job and shove it for reasons related to management. We all have. But some of us have had it worse than others. Read The Absolute Worst Stories Of […]

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Alpha Women, Beta Men

How do you feel about money? And how do you feel about money in a relationship? It’s a hot topic, surefire argument starter. Especially in the case of Alpha Women, Beta Men.

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Outcomes of Multistage Palliation Of Infants With Functional Single Ventricle and Heterotaxy Syndrome

Finally a new study on heterotaxy. The problem is the information and prognosis don’t seem to change. Read more here with Outcomesof Multistage Palliation of Infants With Functional Single Ventricle and Heterotaxy Syndrome.

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4 Creepy Visions of Hell From Real Near Death Experiences

If you have ever wondered what lies beyond this life, this article is one that will send shivers up your spine and make you really freak out. Here’s 4 Creepy Visions of Hell From Real […]

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10 Intriguing Mysteries About Sound-Related Phenomena

Have you ever heard something that spooked you beyond words but you couldn’t find the source? I have too. Often, now that I live near a lake. Seems I’m not the only one but that […]

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Prince “Overdosed On Painkiller Percocet Days Before His Death” And Was Given A “Save Shot”

As the world mourns iconic music legends’ deaths, there’s a new name (or is that symbol?) to add to the list: Prince. His death at the age of 57 has left many of us in […]

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Most Americans Have Less Than $1,000 In Savings

A recent study of the necessary evil we base our lives upon found that a whopping 62% of American adults have little to no savings. Read more of this astonishing report with Most Americans Have […]

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