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Crop Failure and Fading Food Supplies: Climate Change’s Lasting Impact (Op-Ed)

As scientists promised 30+ years ago, our climate is changing whether you believe it or not. And it seems to be kicking us straight in the gut. Check out Crop Failure and Fading Food Supplies: […]

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One Mom’s Battle

Divorce stories are plentiful but some are far, far worse than others. Especially when a narcissist is involved. Read One Mom’s Battle here.

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Timeline: What Happened in Paris Attacks

Darkness has shrouded “The City of Light” as the entire world mourns lives lost due a series of attacks in Paris. See this link for the sad details and first hand accounts of the horrific […]

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Low Immunoglobulin M Memory B Cell Percentage In Patients With Heterotaxy Syndrome Correlates With The Risk Of Severe Bacterial Infection

A study in pediatric research on the complex heart condition known as Heterotaxy has confirmed that a genetic mutation plays a significant role in immunity. Read more here with this just published report on Low […]

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Advanced Aliens Could “Conquer And Colonise” Our Planet, Warns Stephen Hawking

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has determined that the possibility of real life forms from deep in outer space pose a threat to mankind. Here’s Advanced Aliens Could “Conquer And Colonise” Our Planet, Warns Stephan Hawking.

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US Soldiers Told To Ignore Sexual Abuse Of Boys By Afghan Allies

In “holy shit the world has gone mad” news, a few brave military men (and women) have stepped forward to blow the whistle on the horrific abuse of young boys in Afghanistan. Learn more here […]

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20 Luxury Products That Come At A Higher Cost Than You May Know

It seems everything has a price but those things which make life a little better/easier/prettier/more comfortable may cost more than you ever, ever expected. Here are 20 Luxury Products That Come At A Higher Cost […]

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New Russian ATM Maleware Can Steal Your Banking Details

Alert! Alert! The Russians are at it again and this time they are getting into our BANK accounts. See how New Russian ATM Maleware Can Steal Your Banking Details.

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Wife And I Went To Get A “4D” Ultrasound Of Our Unborn Child. Saw This Picture. Changed Our Minds.

Ah the wonders and magic of pregnancy! Whether you’re the mom or dad, growing a child is a fascinating feat. Except sometimes it’s quite terrifying as you can see here. Check out Wife And I […]

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How One Line of Text Nearly Killed ‘Toy Story 2′

Anyone who uses computers and/or code knows all too well the dangers of one wrong key. The makers of the epic Toy Story films learned the hard way. Here is How One Line Of Text […]

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