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Why Millenials Are Failing To Shack Up

As one who has seen the end of a pair of marriages and a few truly lifechanging relationships, it’s no surprise to me that a “companionate plus lots of sleepovers” arrangement between romantic partners seems […]

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The Doll’s Eye Plant – The Woods Have Eyes Too

As if being deep in the woods isn’t scary enough for those who fear such things, there’s some creepy flora and fauna that make forests even more scary. Here’s The Doll’s Eye Plant – The […]

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Gambling Addictions, Purple Sweat, Driving While Asleep – The Scary Side Effects Of Popular Meds

How do you feel about Big Pharma and the billions of dollars spent creating pills to treat symptoms but not curing disease? I absolutely abhor it. The side effects of these drugs are insane. Read […]

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Two Months Left Until Obama Gives Dictators Control of Internet

In absolutely astounding news there’s a big deal going on between some of the world’s most communist and democratic countries. And President Obama is at the top of it. Here’s Two Months Left Until Obama […]

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John Oliver on Journalism

Have you noticed that the field of journalism has taken a massive downturn since the internet took off? John Oliver has. See his very accurate take with John Oliver on Journalism.

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List of Fatal Bear Attacks in North America

As a person with a deeply ingrained phobia of bears that no one else can truly understand, a recent camping expedition left me more than a bit shaken. Especially after I found this when we […]

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Freshwater Crisis

Scientists have warned us of the dangers of pollution for over 30 years but none of which is as dire as the Freshwater Crisis we face. Read what to do and how to help here.

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These Unsolved Murders Will Make You Scared of The Dark

I’m one of those types that believes the dark is much like the truth: both can scare the hell out of you but really helps you “see.” Except when it comes to murder. Read These […]

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Global Water Shortage Risk Is Worse Than Scientists Thought

Having lived in the same 30 mile radius for nearly 40 years, I’ve noticed a huge shift in how little water there is in places where it used to be. Seems I’m not the only […]

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Military Attempts Coup in Turkey, Prime Minister Says

Turkey is apparently in lockdown as government officials attempt to remain in charge of the troubled country. Read about it here with Military Attempts Coup in Turkey, Prime Minister Says.

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