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Wife And I Went To Get A “4D” Ultrasound Of Our Unborn Child. Saw This Picture. Changed Our Minds.

Ah the wonders and magic of pregnancy! Whether you’re the mom or dad, growing a child is a fascinating feat. Except sometimes it’s quite terrifying as you can see here. Check out Wife And I […]

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How One Line of Text Nearly Killed ‘Toy Story 2′

Anyone who uses computers and/or code knows all too well the dangers of one wrong key. The makers of the epic Toy Story films learned the hard way. Here is How One Line Of Text […]

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Shark Sighting Means Cautious Beach Goers In Virginia Beach

The start of summer generally draws people on coastal vacations. This year the waters off of the Virginia coast are a little more dangerous than normal because of aquatic predators. Here’s Shark Sighting Means Cautious […]

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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

After a certain age, you feel like a puppy who hasn’t grown into his or her skin but outgrew your youthful vigor. Some people elect to have surgery to reverse that ever present toll time […]

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Current World Population

Have you ever curiously wondered exactly what the world population was? Or how quickly it expanded? Now you can find out. Here’s a realtime view of the Current World Population.

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Bees Are Dying Year-Round Now

Here’s some terrible news for the world’s best pollinators: bees are dying off for reasons scientists believe are tied to pesticide use. And colonies are collapsing in summer months (something previously unheard of). See Bees […]

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Hey, What Are You Afraid Of?

When a spider sits down beside you, do you freak out? Does the buzz of a bumblebee send you into a tizzy? What about snakes or large predatory beasts like bears? Does the sight of […]

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Female Prison Worker Gave Killers Tools To Escape Prison, Sources Say

Call me sexist, but there’s a definite distinction between men’s work and women’s work. Each gender has its strengths and its weaknesses. Accepting that may have prevented a big oops in New York’s maximum security […]

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The Billion Dollar Battle For Your Plate

We are what we eat. And lately all we are is a pile of junky health problems and horrible malnourishment thanks to all kinds of faulty systems. Read about the inner workings of the food […]

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I’m A Liberal Professor, And My Liberal Students Terrify Me

Society is shifting and culture is changing at paces so rapid that it could be likened to a tidal wave of epic proportions. All of us have a difficult time keeping up. Educators, it seems, […]

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