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In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

American publisher, editor, researcher, and commentator Andrew Breitbart passed away from “natural causes” in the early hours of March 1, 2012. His contributions to publishing and new media (through various news organizations, including the Washington […]

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How Do Men Deal With Bad Break Ups?

Everyone who has ever dated anyone has been dumped or dumped someone. Whether it was a short or long term relationship, splits happen – they are just a fact of life. While women tend to […]

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How To Survive A Nuclear Holocaust

After last year’s Fukushima meltdown, most of us are still clueless about how to protect ourselves in a nuclear disaster, but this infographic offers a very clear, easy to follow message that could save you […]

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Why Synthetic Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than The Real Thing

Kids these days. There’s a “new,” highly potent form of phony weed commonly known as “K2” or “Spice” causing a high similar to it’s real life counterpart but also causing serious health issues. Teens and […]

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National Enquirer Cover Shows Whitney Houston In Open Casket

In a “the whole entire world is going to Hell in a handbasket anyway” moment, the National Enquirer sank to the ultimate lowest level possible today. The rag stomped all over the late Whitney Houston’s […]

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10 Ways Having A Baby Changes Your Budget

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful events in family life, but when they say it changes everything — it really changes everything. At the top of everything, aside from your sleeping habits, […]

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4 Reasons Humans Will Never Understand Each Other

Society is full of semi-intelligent people who have opposing opinions due to gender, politics, competition, and other differences. These differences can cause massive misunderstandings with often tragic results. Bridging the divide between opposing viewpoints could […]

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Ten Things Not To Say To A Depressed Person

Everybody gets the blues but when the blues stick around, it’s defined as depression. Some people get fall into a rut that no one can relate to. Offering encouragement and support is helpful but there […]

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Scary Trend: STDs On The Rise

The Centers for Disease Control has some frightening information regarding STD stats. It seems that people in the U.S. are having more sex and aren’t taking appropriate steps to ensure they are protected from the […]

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6 Tons Of Afghan Hash Disguised As Chocolate Drink Intercepted On Its Way To Canada

Kudos to the Canadian Mounted Police for stopping a six ton “specially formulated” delivery sent to Toronto by Afghan drug dealers. The “chocolate drink” was hidden within hollowed out crates and determined by officials to […]

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