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The 10 Worst High-Rise Building Collapses In History

Safety is one of the most vital aspects of any structure created by engineering teams. When proper safety protocols and building codes are not stringently regulated and enforced, preventable and tragic catastrophes like the 9/11 […]

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The Green Fail

The Green Movement is necessary and vital to the environment, economy, and overall health of all of the living organisms on the planet. Unfortunately, as great as the plan is, it has failed in many […]

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From Riches to Rags

When we think of celebrities, we usually think of wealth. But don’t be fooled, many celebs go bankrupt. This infographic highlights nine musicians who lost it all. Riches to Rags by Payday

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10 Accounting Tricks the 1% Use to Protect Their Cash

The filthy rich have the money to hire lawyers and accountants who can devise schemes to keep their tax bill down to as little as possible. Not quite fair is it? Things get worse of […]

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Fox News Airs Live Suicide in Car Chase

Millions of viewers witnessed a horrible suicide on Thursday as Fox News, while airing a car chase during Shep Smith’s hour, failed to cut the video when the suicide victim got out of his car, […]

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10 Hospitals Caught In Disaster Zones

The most vulnerable people at any given time are literally “living” in hospitals. Cancer patients. People on their death beds. Babies just born. Surgery patients. Trauma victims. And sadly, during natural disasters, hospitals become danger […]

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Keith Reed Jr., Clymer Central School District School Superintendent, Found Shot Dead At New York Home

Keith Reed Jr., 51, former Sherburne Earlville High School principal and superintendent of Clymer Central School District, was found dead at his Chautauqua County home on Monday. His passing was due to an apparent homicide […]

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The Downward Spiral: Fewer Than Half of American Children Growing Up In Intact Families

62 percent of Asian-American teenagers live with both biological parents. 54 percent of white youth live with both parents. 41 percent of teenagers from multiracial family backgrounds live in intact families. 40 percent of Hispanic […]

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More Americans Now Die of Suicide Than Car Crashes

What a sad state of affairs. So much for the pursuit of happiness. Something’s gone wrong in the home of the brave. More Americans now die of suicide than car crashes. Suicide is a sign […]

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Life Expectancy Shrinks for Less-Educated Whites in U.S.

For generations of Americans, it was a given that children would live longer than their parents. But there is now mounting evidence that this enduring trend has reversed itself for the country’s least-educated whites, an […]

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