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7 Reasons Killer Whales Should Never Be Held In Captivity

Wild things belong wild. Despite this fact, people attempt to domesticate and place wild things in captivity. If you’ve ever visited a zoo, aquarium, and SeaWorld, chances are you felt lousy for the creatures, critters, […]

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Thanksgiving Turkey Nightmare: Butterball Abuse, Better Alternatives

Poultry producer Butterball sells over 30% of the turkeys Americans buy for Thanksgiving. As leaders in the market, the organization’s shady business dealings and treatment of the animals they harvest are subject of great scrutiny. […]

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Tulsa Dad Arrested After Toddler Found In Cage.

In this is disgustingly f**king cruel news, a Tulsa man passed out in a drug or alcohol induced stupor and deserves a royal ass-kicking. He was arrested on Sunday, November 11, 2012 after his four […]

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Wild Mustangs In Danger Of Disappearing (Photos)

Bands of wild mustangs numbering in 2 million roamed portions of the western U.S. just two hundred years ago. Today there are less than 35,000 running free on their home on the range. Advocates and […]

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10 Notoriously Violent Courthouse Crimes

The legal system is full of all kinds of people – from officials, lawyers, and police officers to violent criminals, families, and witnesses. When all of these people gather in courtrooms, the results can be […]

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The Money Behind Becoming President

Personally, I think it’s sad that to run for president and have a chance you basically need to be able to generate close to a billion dollars in revenue to spend on advertising. That’s what […]

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10 Deadiest Air Disasters Caused By Miscommunication

Flying is one of the most safe ways to travel but when human errors occur, the results are catastrophic. Miscommunication is the number one cause of airplane crashes and all it takes is just one […]

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5 Found Dead In Denver Bar Fire

Officials suspect arson is to blame for the inferno at Fero’s Bar and Grill on Colorado Boulevard in Denver, Colorado, which claimed five lives and is presently under investigation by police officials. Firefighters battled the […]

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Discontinued Treatment Of ADHD Could Impact Emotional, Social Wellbeing, Study Finds

Rachel Klein professor at NYU at the Facitelli Child and Adult Psychiatry Study Center just published the results of a 33 year long study of 300 males who resided in New York City and were […]

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Russell Crowe Splits With Wife Danielle Spencer

Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer, his wife of 9 years, have parted ways. Reports indicate that the split is amicable and the pair are focused upon sheltering their young sons, Charles and Tennyson, from the […]

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