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The World’s Worst War

Life in the Congo is horrendous. Rife with civil war, Tutsi rebels, and a failed infrastructure, what could be the most wealthy African country is one of the poorest thanks in part to an endless […]

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How To Decide When – Or If – To Put Your Dog To Sleep

If you have an aging best four legged friend, chances are you’re pondering the big issue of when your dog will take its final sleep. To help with that difficult and often heartbreaking decision, here’s […]

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Desert Storm Commander Norman Schwarzkopf Dies

The man who led the U.S. allied forces during Operation Desert Storm during 1990 has passed away. Seventy eight year old “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf died today, on December 27, 2012 due to reasons which are […]

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‘Chaos:’ Gunman Ambushes, Kills Two Firefighters At New York Blaze

Residents of Webster, NY, and much of the U.S. are mourning the losses of their community members following a bizarre shooting incident with sixty two year old William Spengler. The convicted felon apparently “lured” fire […]

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Chinese State Media Demands U.S. Citizens Be Disarmed

The Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Ct, has pushed the gun control debate to international levels. Communist leaders overseas have an opinion and it’s in support of weapons bans. Here’s more with Chinese State […]

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Celebrity Splits 2012

There’s no shortage of breakups in the world today, especially in the glint and glare of the Hollywood spotlight. Some of the couples we never thought would part got busted this year like a teen […]

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Zach Sobiech’s ‘Clouds’: Terminally Ill Teen’s Heartbreaking Song

Nineteen year old Zach Sobiech has been waging a battle against bone cancer for five years. Faced with the defeat of being informed by his doctors that he has only months to live after exhausting […]

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Fiona Apple Cancels Tour To Be With Her Dying Dog

Fiona Apple’s worldwide tour to promote The Idler Wheel… has come to a very sad halt as the singer has taken some time to escort her one of her best friends on the journey to, […]

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Clown Dies During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Tragedy struck sixty seven year old Robert Blasetti and his wife Irene on Thanksgiving while they were partaking in balloon making festivities dressed as clowns for the Macy’s parade this year. Blasetti collapsed before spectators […]

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10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In The World

Poverty and violence reign in many places throughout the world. Professionals in the demanding field of social work know just how dangerous living in crime ridden neighborhoods rampant with gangs, drugs, and conflict know precisely […]

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