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Is Roundup The Cause of ‘Gluten Intolerance’?

Those of us who have Celiac Disease. gluten sensitivities, and other gluten issues know just how difficult it is to navigate life on this gluten filled planet. And luckily for us, tremendous research has been […]

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The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity Is Under Attack

We’re all in deep sh*t. Half of the human population – the ones responsible for building, fixing, and moving the very systems which uphold society (among other great things) are being seriously threatened. Read The […]

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7 Things You Had No Idea The World Is Running Out Of

What do oil, chocolate, bacon, and my favorite beverages have in common? These and other items are among the list of fast dwindling earth resources humanity can’t live without. Please universe don’t let us run […]

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Cheer Up, Mr. President, It’s Christmas!

Something is up in the White House and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of us know what it is. Any appearances of the Obamas have shown a very worn, very weary […]

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U.S. Wildlife Managers Urge Lifting Yellowstone Grizzly Protections

Guess who’s back from near extinction: grizzlies. And apparently they (and their wolf “friends”) are supposedly wreaking havoc on the ecosystems of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming within the Yellowstone National Park. Which makes people, like […]

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Nobel Winning Scientist To Boycott Top Science Journals

Well, anyone who knows anything knew this day would come: many of the world’s greatest minds are refusing to allow their research to be printed in popular journals because editors are more interested in flashy […]

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Animal Cruelty Is The Price We Pay For Cheap Meat

We are what we eat. So, as wise as the words that Nita Rao offered via Rolling Stone: “Like the livestock we raise, we’ve grown fat and sick, dependent on a bitches’ brew of drugs. […]

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Dallas Zoo Can’t Explain Why A Lion Turned On A Lion

When the King of The Jungle turns on his Queen before spectators (including children), the result is rather horrific. Especially when zoo keepers with 35 years of experience can’t explain why a male lion in […]

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‘Worse Than Hell’ In Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines

Massive destruction, climbing death tolls, and devastating pleas for help are the marks left behind throughout Southeast Asia following one of the worst ever super typhoon’s in history so far. What’s worse is there are […]

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Boneyard: Three At-Risk Animal Species In Africa

Zero natural predators have entirely taken out several species of animals in Africa. There’s no bringing some animals back but we may be able to help save some species from the threat of poachers, habitat […]

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