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There Are Now Just 5 Northern White Rhinos Left In The World

When asking my six year old for his Christmas wish list, he insisted he wanted a rhino. And that it could sleep in his bed. And that he’d feed and clean up after it. After […]

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Climate Change Takes A Village

The radical impact of how much petroleum consumption and its fallout have warped ecosystems beyond repair is painfully clear in the remote island town of Shishmaref. Read it and weep here with Climate Change Takes […]

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5 Stupid Habits You Develop Growing Up In A Broken Home

Divorce is a great way to really f**k up kids. And parents. And really anyone who goes through one. Kids are especially messed up by the process. See just how deeply here with 5 Stupid […]

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10 Key Signs Of Having An Addiction

Anyone struggling with alcoholism, substance abuse, or even smoking knows how hard it is to quit. And keep quitting. If you or someone you love is tangled up in the toxic reality of their inner […]

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The Sexodus: Part 1: The Men Giving Up On Women And Checking Out Of Society

A society can’t exist without men and women willing to work hard, produce offspring, and be productive. But it seems modern times are killing us all off. Read about The Sexodus: Part 1: The Men […]

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Was The Man I Love Only With Me For My Money?

When a relationship ends, we often look back and think about all that happened. Ultimately, we wonder two things: what pulled us together and what tore us apart? Read one woman’s end game relationship story […]

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How To Divorce As Peacefully As Possible

If resentment, anger, and perhaps even hatred live in your heart and your marriage where compassion, happiness, and love once did, you know it’s time to make some changes. Here’s How To Divorce As Peacefully […]

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Letting Go

If you or someone you love is fighting a health battle, chances are you know all too well the realities of life. And the importance of Letting Go. Read this. It will change your world.

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He Never Hit Me

The highly sensitive issue of abuse is really difficult to approach when it involves any relationship, including a romantic one. Read and likely relate to one woman’s first hand account here with He Never Hit […]

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The Rise Of Celiac Disease Still Stumps Scientists

With seven and a half years gluten free under my belt, I still miss wheat the way people pine for ex-lovers. Startling, just published research shows not only I, but also many others, may have […]

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