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I spent last month on hiatus from Fun Links so that I could tour the country and sadly missed Seehere’s Farewell. Best of luck!

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Dramatic Pattern Change Brings Fall-Like Storm To The Northeast

As a Northerner, I had great hopes for this summer expecting fun under the sun. It seems, however, Mother Nature had a much different plan. Read Dramatic Pattern Change Brings Fall-Like Storm To The Northeast.

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Unbound: China’s Last ‘Lotus Feet’ – In Pictures

Chinese, like the rest of the world, have a standard of beauty and status of wealth that women often resort to painstaking lengths to maintain. The practice of foot binding thankfully is a waning custom […]

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How Oil Spills Can Literally Break Fish Hearts

The sea’s balance is as delicately intertwined as life out of water. And when man’s blunders, like massive oil spills, leak into the ocean, bad things happen. See How Oil Spills Can Literally Break Fish […]

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Auschwitz Guard Trial: Oskar Groening Admits ‘Moral Guilt’

Holocaust deniers may want to take a peek at this one: a former SS guard has stepped forward and admitted his role in the horrific mass murder of Jews in Nazi Germany. This is one […]

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Is It Too Late To Fix Your Relationship? It Depends…

Ever notice how relationships are like stampeding buffalo? Once one of them goes over the cliff, it’s only a matter of time before the whole herd falls. So I beg the question: Is It Too […]

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Study: Global Anti-Semitic Attacks Increased 40 Percent In 2014

Attacks on people because of their religion is nothing new. It’s happened since religion began. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking that it would end with the progress of time. Here’s the sad truth with Study: Global […]

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New Spa-Like Abortion Clinic Is Part Of A Trend To De-Stigmatize The Procedure

Forget Iran and all of those nuclear talks: it’s the end of the world as we know it. Here’s the f***ing proof with New Spa-Like Abortion Clinic Is Part Of A Trend To De-Stigmatize The […]

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Remains Discovered Near Kenai May Be Linked To Missing Alaska Family

In May 2014, a mother, her two children, and her boyfriend vanished from their home. Almost one year later, their friends and family are facing their worst nightmare. Read how the Remains Disovered Near Kenai […]

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The Love Of A Good Woman Will Not Change A Bad Man

As a woman twice married to morally questionable men, I often wonder where I went wrong. Then I remember it wasn’t me. It was them. And being able to see that I was not the […]

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