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How To Divorce As Peacefully As Possible

If resentment, anger, and perhaps even hatred live in your heart and your marriage where compassion, happiness, and love once did, you know it’s time to make some changes. Here’s How To Divorce As Peacefully […]

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Letting Go

If you or someone you love is fighting a health battle, chances are you know all too well the realities of life. And the importance of Letting Go. Read this. It will change your world.

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He Never Hit Me

The highly sensitive issue of abuse is really difficult to approach when it involves any relationship, including a romantic one. Read and likely relate to one woman’s first hand account here with He Never Hit […]

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The Rise Of Celiac Disease Still Stumps Scientists

With seven and a half years gluten free under my belt, I still miss wheat the way people pine for ex-lovers. Startling, just published research shows not only I, but also many others, may have […]

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Why Did NASA Kill The One-Person Spacecraft?

It’s the start of one of those weeks where I kind of would rather just fly to the moon all by myself. EXCEPT I don’t have wings. And NASA won’t send me for reasons of […]

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Watch Live: Manhunt For Ottawa Shooting Suspect

There’s a lockdown in Ottawa, Canada, on Parliament Hill. And officials are searching for a shooter after a soldier was shot at the National War Memorial. See more here with Watch Live: Manhunt for Ottawa […]

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Fake Deaths, Cheap Resurrections, And Dealing With Real Grief

Time to swing your mood to somber: Loss is important. It teaches us to value the time we have with those we love so much more. But in today’s culture, even sorrow is romanticized. Read […]

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Key Findings: Mortality Resulting From Congenital Heart Disease Among Children And Adults In The United States, 1999-2006

Researchers collected data from the young and grown living with one of the most menacing health issues known to man: congenital heart disease. The conclusions remind us all how powerless we are in the big […]

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Remember The Mothers of Sick Children

We all know how unfair life can be but when tragedy strikes innocent children, no one goes to war like their mom. Honor this group of incredible women and their babies with Remember The Mothers […]

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El Salvador Is Imprisoning Women Who Miscarry

The justice system in El Salvador is pressing the limits of going too far into the reproductive rights of its female citizens. Read how El Salvador Is Imprisoning Women Who Miscarry.

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