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Cenus: More Americans 18-to-34 Now Live With Parents Than With Spouse

In “Holy SHIT we’re doomed as a society” news, it’s official: people aren’t partnering up. Or flying the coop. Check out Cenus: More Americans 18-34 Now Live With Parents Than With Spouse.

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Great Barrier Reef At ‘Terminal Stage': Scientists Despair At Latest Coral Bleaching Data

Just off shore of Queensland, Austrailia lies the largest formerly living structure on earth: the Great Barrier Reef. And now it’s dying despite tons of time and money pouring into saving it. Read the Great […]

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St. Petersburg Bombing Carried Out By ‘Suicide’ Attacker

The bomber behind the metro blast that killed a dozen and injured 50 people as well as rattled Russia and the rest of the world on Monday has been found. It’s uncertain if he’s still […]

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Impact of Traumatic Stress On Brain Development

A new study revelaed the effects of PTSD on developing minds and it seems girls who suffer from it age prematurely and suffer greater than their male counterparts. Read about it here with the Impact […]

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Trump Budget Proposes Killing All Funding For PBS, NPR, and National Endowment For The Arts

President Donald Trump has taken the financial reins of the country and it seems the arts are the first to get chopped. Here’s Trump Budget Proposes Killing All Funding For PBS, NPR, and National Endowment […]

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You May Want To Marry My Husband

It’s not just another Manic Monday. And we don’t wish it were another day. We do, however, think you should grab an entire box of tissues before you weep and wail over You May Want […]

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RIP Presurfer

One of our most beloved bloggers has passed away. And he will be missed dearly. Fly high and RIP Presurfer.

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‘I Know They Are Going To Die.’ This Foster Father Takes In Only Terminally Ill Children

I jokingly refer to myself as the “Animal Death Angel” because more than a handful of creatures have crawled to my property, porch or window sills to pass. It’s heartbreaking but being the person I […]

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How Texas’ Overburdened Foster Care System Has Produced A Generation of Lost Adults

I have a dear friend who grew up in foster care and though he turned out to be an amazing human being, his wounds are deep. Much like these kids stuck in the failing systems […]

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Universal Cancels ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Premiere

The movie we all were waiting for has been scrapped thanks to Peta and animal rights violations. Here’s Universal Cancels ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Premiere.

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