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I Lost My Innocence

Human beings encounter some lousy experiences in their lifetimes. It seems we’re all born completely innocent but each lousy moment lessens the degree of which we are innocent. Read others’ stories here with I Lost […]

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fucking ridiculous

I Teach At A For-Profit College: 5 Ridiculous Realities

College isn’t an easy rite of passage for most young adults. In fact, for some, it’s harder than it needs to be. Check out this revealing link with I Teach At A For-Profit College: 5 […]

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Why Millennial Parents Have It The Hardest

Do you think parenting has ever been easier than it is now? It turns out others agree that it seems that life in the US has only gotten harder for those of us who have […]

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The Government Spends $5 Billion A Year On Cancer – So Why Hasn’t It Been Cured Yet?

There are few things more devastating to families than cancer. It mutates more than its host. And seems to have a grip on humanity like no other disease. And though gigantic amounts of money have […]

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Prince “Overdosed On Painkiller Percocet Days Before His Death” And Was Given A “Save Shot”

As the world mourns iconic music legends’ deaths, there’s a new name (or is that symbol?) to add to the list: Prince. His death at the age of 57 has left many of us in […]

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Women Do What They Need To Survive

Ah the always unspeakable until it’s over debated issue of rape. But if it has happened to your sister, wife, girlfriend, cousin, mother, or friend, chances are you know where you stand on the issue. […]

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Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman to Divorce, Sources Confirm: What Went Wrong

In “Oh sh*t I thought they just had a second baby news,” actress (or is she a legend now??) Drew Barrymore and her family are headed to that awful place called post Divorce land. Here’s […]

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Beauty In Deep Sorrow: Stories From BayUP

Sorrow may be one of the most indiscriminate human emotions to ever grip a human heart. So regardless of your spiritual/religious beliefs, you can probably relate to this link. Read Beauty In Deep Sorrow: Stories […]

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Understanding Grief When Your Child Dies

The unfathomable loss of a child is something one just never can fully get over. But one can try to understand it. See more here with Understanding Grief When Your Child Dies.

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Internet Service Providers Forum

There’s no better place to go to on the internet to complain about how sh*tty your internet service is than the…you guessed it! INTERNET! Provided you can get on… Read this for consolation for all […]

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