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Estranged Parents Confront Their Children’s Reasons

The whole issue of parenting is complicated. Sometimes those complications lead to cut offs of parents by their own children. Read about such stories here with Estranged Parents Confront Their Children’s Reasons.

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Men In Suits

What do you think about a sharp dressed man? Do you like the suit and tie look? Or do you mistrust it? Seems one Englander has a very accurate take on Men In Suits. Read […]

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Two Months Left Until Obama Gives Dictators Control of Internet

In absolutely astounding news there’s a big deal going on between some of the world’s most communist and democratic countries. And President Obama is at the top of it. Here’s Two Months Left Until Obama […]

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Franklin Boy Tries To Sell Teddy Bear For Food; Police Go Beyond Call of Duty

In tragically sad news, four brothers were removed from a home in Franklin, Ohio after one of the brothers did something so desperate police noticed. Here’s Franklin Boy Tries To Sell Teddy Bear For Food; […]

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John Oliver on Journalism

Have you noticed that the field of journalism has taken a massive downturn since the internet took off? John Oliver has. See his very accurate take with John Oliver on Journalism.

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Do I Have To Force My Son To Spend Time With His Father if He Doesn’t Want To?

If you’re a child of divorce, chances are you are rather familiar with how visitation affects children. And if you’re also the divorced parent of a child, you really know. So when they refuse to […]

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Men of Craigslist

Surprisingly, Craigslist is a great place to find all kinds of information and things. Sometimes people turn to the personals for thrills. Other times, if you’re like me, you turn to them for laughter. And […]

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Bastille Day Massacre

In really awful news, there are over 70 people dead in Nice, France following what seems to be a “terror attack.” Read the details as they emerge with Bastille Day Massacre.

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‘You Broke My Heart’ Supporters of Bernie Sanders React To Endorsement

It’s no secret that former Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders has aligned forces with the formidable force of Hillary Clinton. So it seems $222 million plus dollars have gone to waste. And people who supported the […]

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America’s Suicide Epidemic Has Gotten Worse

A major study on suicide was just completed by the National Center for Health Statistics. The just released, horribly grim results are more that discouraging. Read how America’s Suicide Epidemic Has Gotten Worse and be […]

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