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Watch Jon Stewart Tell A Shocked Audience He’s Leaving The Daily Show

Seventeen years of hosting The Daily Show has given comedian, satirist, and producer Jon Stewart amazing opportunities. And made us all laugh. The other day he delivered some tearful news. Watch Jon Stewart Tell A […]

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Rabies Vaccine Fails In Rare Death

In sad news, it seems a six year old Tunisian boy was bitten by a rabid stray dog and didn’t survive. Read how Rabies Vaccine Fails In Rare Death.

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Life In The Sickest Town In America

When one thinks of deep poverty and near starvation, many think it’s happening in remote parts of the world and not the U.S. state of Virginia. Read how some of the nation’s poorest are barely […]

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Spoiled Children Of Divorce

Since half (or more) of all marriages end before the “Til Death Do Us Part” part, it’s best to consider all facets of post-marital life, particularly the issue of remarriage. See the (few) joys and […]

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The Many Scandals Of Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew and the Royal Family are under fire again…this time because of an underage sex scandal. Yikes. This is nothing new for Andrew or his kin. See The Many Scandals Of Prince Andrew.

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Why Poor People Stay Poor

You don’t know broke until you’ve reached deep into your pockets and realized that despite its absence, all the money in the world will give you nothing that you need. The truth is our modern […]

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There Are Now Just 5 Northern White Rhinos Left In The World

When asking my six year old for his Christmas wish list, he insisted he wanted a rhino. And that it could sleep in his bed. And that he’d feed and clean up after it. After […]

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Climate Change Takes A Village

The radical impact of how much petroleum consumption and its fallout have warped ecosystems beyond repair is painfully clear in the remote island town of Shishmaref. Read it and weep here with Climate Change Takes […]

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5 Stupid Habits You Develop Growing Up In A Broken Home

Divorce is a great way to really f**k up kids. And parents. And really anyone who goes through one. Kids are especially messed up by the process. See just how deeply here with 5 Stupid […]

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10 Key Signs Of Having An Addiction

Anyone struggling with alcoholism, substance abuse, or even smoking knows how hard it is to quit. And keep quitting. If you or someone you love is tangled up in the toxic reality of their inner […]

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