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The Daily Death (And Stupidity) When ISIS Controls Your Town

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be on the front lines of ISIS’ attacks and invasions? Now you don’t have to. Check out The Daily Death (And Stupidity) When ISIS Controls Your Town.

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Delaware Sized Iceberg Is About To Break Off Antarctica

Learn more than you ever wanted to know about the Larsen Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea which has rapidly been losing its mass for the past 22 years here with Delaware Sized Iceberg Is […]

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The People GoFundMe Leaves Behind

Having tried to help out a former classmate who lost her son, I know how difficult trying to get others to help is. Read more about it here with The People GoFundMe Leaves Behind.

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Republican House Whip Steve Scalis, Congressional Staffer Shot In Virginia Shooting

In “What In The World Is The World Coming To?” news, a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball game and let off at least 50 rounds in Alexandria, Virginia. Read more about the “deliberate […]

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What Is The Most Depressing Truth You’ve Had To Accept?

The truth is much like the pitch darkness: it scares the living shit out of you if you let it but it won’t hurt you…or will it? What Is The Most Depressing Truth You’ve Ever […]

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Jennifer Garner Isn’t Ready To Date After Divorce: “Ben Was The Love Of Her Life.”

The ever graceful gal Jennifer Garner met her divorce from Ben Affleck with the same elegance she meets everything with in a recent People interview. Read it here with Jennifer Garner Isn’t Ready To Date […]

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Miracles Don’t Prove God’s Existence, This Awful Stuff Does

My gloomy mood is matching the weather these days so I might as well spread negativity by sending you here: Miracles Don’t Prove God’s Existence, This Awful Stuff Does.

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Ariana Grande Concert Attack Eyewitnesses Describe The Chaos: “We Just Saw People Dropping”

ISIS struck again in Manchester, England causing unfathomable suffering to concertgoers at an Ariana Grande show. The suspect behind the bomb is apparently dead but that brings no relief to those who lived to tell […]

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Ending Your Marriage With Integrity

The end of a marriage isn’t supposed to (how is that for should-ing ourselves!?!) be in a courtroom (in my case before the honorable father of a long time friend). But it happens. Sometimes twice..**wink**sob**breathe**. […]

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The 50 Saddest Songs Of All Time

News of Elton John’s recent hospitalization made me think “Oh NOOOOO! NOT ELTON JOHN,TOO!” (since 2016 claimed so many fabulous and famous lives). So this one is dedicated to the man who gave the world […]

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