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Fake Deaths, Cheap Resurrections, And Dealing With Real Grief

Time to swing your mood to somber: Loss is important. It teaches us to value the time we have with those we love so much more. But in today’s culture, even sorrow is romanticized. Read […]

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Key Findings: Mortality Resulting From Congenital Heart Disease Among Children And Adults In The United States, 1999-2006

Researchers collected data from the young and grown living with one of the most menacing health issues known to man: congenital heart disease. The conclusions remind us all how powerless we are in the big […]

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Remember The Mothers of Sick Children

We all know how unfair life can be but when tragedy strikes innocent children, no one goes to war like their mom. Honor this group of incredible women and their babies with Remember The Mothers […]

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El Salvador Is Imprisoning Women Who Miscarry

The justice system in El Salvador is pressing the limits of going too far into the reproductive rights of its female citizens. Read how El Salvador Is Imprisoning Women Who Miscarry.

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The Eleventh Hour

Send a strong thought and big prayer to the Sauer family as they deal with one of the worst losses imaginable. Read a remarkable story of the power of love here with The Eleventh Hour.

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Monica Lewinsky meets with President Clinton

Lewinsky Opens Up In Vanity Fair: Bill Clinton ‘Took Advantage Of Me’

The other woman in the Clinton marriage during Bill’s presidency (a nice little romantic triangle I like to call Clinsky) has offered a total tell all regarding her affair with the Pres. Here’s Lewinsky Opens […]

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Amid A National Decline, Some States Are Gaining Farms

It’s a fact that in many locations throughout the U.S., there are fewer farms than ever thanks to population expansion, the degree of difficulty involved in creating a sustainable farm, and several other factors. But, […]

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Friends Label Her ‘Insufferable’ As She ‘Brags About How She and Chris Martin Planned A Perfect Divorce’

The ten years married Coldplay frontman and Goo lady shocked the universe when they announced their split. Read about how they are now with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Friends Label Her ‘Insufferable’ As She ‘Brags About How […]

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Why Women Leave Men

Marriage is tough. And it’s work. And it’s sometimes so horrible that one just can no longer bear it. Plenty of husbands leave their wives and families behind just as plenty of wives do, too. […]

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Police: Woman Accused of Killing 6 Babies Gave Birth At Home

Shockingly sick stories are nothing new to the news. In fact, this one is probably one of the worst. Read Police: Woman Accused of Killing 6 Babies Gave Birth At Home.

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