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cool men

The Evolution Of The Cool Guy

A pair of grad students from the University of Rochester Medical Center polled one thousand “young, mainstream Americans” to dive into what makes men totally awesome. The results were published in Coolness: An Empirical Investigation […]

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Music On My Mind

Rap genius Eminem says “music is a time machine” and it seems he’s absolutely correct. A 1999 study by Schulkind, Hennis, and Rubin supports the power of music to conjure past experience. Here’s more with […]

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A Short History Of The Campsite

Camping invokes the spirit of our ancestors and helps us get in touch with nature. There’s nothing like the smell of a campfire mingled with the scent of pine. Since it’s camping season for much […]

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Gone With The Wind Screen Tests & Auditions

Margaret Reed Mitchell’s epic novel was brought to life in 1939 when Rhett Butler, played by Clark Gable, and Scarlett O’Hara, played by Vivian Lee starred in the film. A number of people tried out […]

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500 Greatest Albums Of All Time

Over 200 editors, artists, musicians, journalists, producers, and industry execs worked with Rolling Stone to determine the best albums ever produced. Check it out to see if your ears agree with the 500 Greatest Albums […]

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The 8 Best Business Movies Of All Time

The endless wheel of work never stops spinning. Whether you’re looking for a 9-5, loving the job you have, or absolutely despise your work, you’re going to love The 8 Best Business Movies Of All […]

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Girls & Trucks

People who appreciate beauty and nostalgia paired with big wheels, Dark Roasted Blend has a great collection of retro 60s style babes and big trucks. Here’s Girls & Trucks.

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100 Greatest Beatles Songs

Elvis Costello, a musical genius in his own right, offered his writing skills to Rolling Stone to honor one of his favorite groups: The Beatles. Here are the 100 Greatest Beatles Songs.

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Illustrations That Made Edgar Allen Poe’s Stories Even More Horrifying

Harry Clarke added a new dimension of absolutely scarier than scary to Edgar Allen Poe’s 1919 book Tales Of Mystery and Imagination. The artist illustrated Poe’s already twisted and haunting tales in a deluxe edition […]

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10 Things You May Not Know About Maurice Sendak

American author and illustrator Maurice Sendak began his career in 1963 and wrote numerous fantastic children’s books throughout the span of his career. From Where to Wild Things are to Bumble Ardy, Sendak impacted the […]

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