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15 Hollywood Actors Who Wound Up In Cheesy B-Horror Movies

What’s an acting career without a role in a crappy horror film? Exactly. Here’s a look at a few with the 15 Hollywood Actors Who Wound Up In Cheesy B-Horror Movies.

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Audi Luxury Throughout the Years

Audi is notorious for it’s luxurious cars. Car enthusiasts of all types are drawn to the elegant design and exceptional performance. Check out this infographic to learn more about Audi luxury throughout the years.

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Nostalgia Break #1

Stop a minute. Rest your mind and savor the sweetness of past memories with your television. Then enjoy the following list of some of the best old shows ever with this Nostalgia Break #1. Thank […]

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15 Giant Actors With Short Careers In Hollywood

Even if (literally) huge stars shine in some of the best films and programs, sometimes their stints as big actors don’t last as long as they should. Here are a few with 15 Giant Actors […]

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15 Shockingly Racist Vintage Ads

You may not know that from a historical standpoint, the advertising market and its targets are quite racist. Here’s a look at the more radically insensitive promotional materials a number of large companies published in […]

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The Only Christmas Song To Ever Hit #1 On The Charts

Did you know that way back in the 1960s history was made when a “furry” trio soared to the number one position on music charts? The timeless “tail” of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore has captured […]

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18 Unexpected (And Real) Quotes By Famous Figures

Everybody these days seems to be reaching for or creating inspirational quotes and pinning a famous person’s face with the words. Sometimes they are fake (boo!) and sometimes they’re real. Here are some of the […]

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10 Vintage Soviet School Propaganda Posters

The Soviet Union used a number of forms of propaganda to establish social control while reforming society under Stalin’s authority. One focus of the propaganda campaigns was geared toward education by targeting young children instilling […]

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10 Intimate Snapshots Of Nurses Stationed In Vietnam

The 1960s were a decade of change. With the second wave of feminism, women’s rights movements, and civil liberties unlike anything previous generations had experienced, life in America was exciting yet overshadowed by political turmoil […]

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Love, Romance, And Tight Finances (Pics)

Love is a splendid thing. It gets you through the best of times and the worst of times – even when you’re as poor as a church mouse. Take a look back at the proof […]

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