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10 Creepiest Abandoned Resorts On Earth

Resorts are the places where folks go to relax, unwind, and have fun.  Here’s what happens when the masses stop traveling to resort destinations and they are abandoned left to ruin in the elements.  Here […]

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Vampire-Killing Kit

Twilight fans need not read any farther as a $9,000 dollar vampire killing kit is available for sale through a Buckingham, Pennsylvania company.  Best Of France Antiques is touting a one of a kind vintage […]

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The Top 10 Video Game Cheat Codes

Gamers take note!  Sometimes you burn out playing Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streetfighter, Zelda, and all of your favorite video games.  Here are the Top 10 Video Game Cheats Codes to put the fun […]

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Bottle Cap Design

Gail Anderson, the former senior art director of Rolling Stone magazine has created a very cool collection of bottle caps.  Anderson’s layout and Bottle Cap Design speaks for itself.

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Top 10 Ghost Ships

Anyone who has stepped foot on a ghost ship describes the eery feeling of the lives that once inhabited the vessel.   Any vessel which has been decommissioned but not sent to scrap, is rumored to […]

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Lessons In Manhood From The Dude

Humanity has been trying for thousands of years to determine what makes a man.  Compliments of Jeff Bridge’s character “The Dude” in the iconic film, The Big Lebowski, folks may have found the answer to […]

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17 Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood

If you were a kid growing up during the 1980s, you fell in love with Star Wars, Gremlins, the Beastie Boys, Guns and Roses, and Mister Rogers.  Unfortunately, there was more going on behind the […]

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10 Most Important Kisses In The Universe

Lick your lips and pucker up for the 10 Most Important Kisses In The Universe.  These lip locks changed the course of history, culture, art, and even religion.

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Classic Cartoons We Want On DVD

If you were lucky enough to be a kid during the 1980s, you grew up during a time when some of the very best cartoons aired on television.  Since today’s cartoons are no match for […]

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10 Nostalgic Electronic Toys

Great electronic toys from days past paved the way for modern day Leapfrog, Wii, and the Xbox fanatics.  For over 30 years, electronics have entertained kids and adults.  From the retro Atari video game system […]

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