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1980s Cartoon Heroes As Persons Of Leisure

A “memetic counterrevolution” is on commpliments of illustrations by Fab Ciraolo. The artist’s work, titled “Oldschool Heroes” combines some of the best cartoon characters from the 1980s with fashion. Here’s some 1980s Cartoon Heroes As […]

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8 Bands Named After People Not In The Band

Naming a band is as difficult, if not more difficult, than naming a child. With competing interests and varied opinions, finding a band name is particularly tough. Some bands choose names of famous people who […]

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10 Absurd Movie Remakes

True film aficionados appreciate originals and it seems Hollywood is hell bent on ruining some of the best movies in history. Footloose may have danced its way back to the silver screen but truth be […]

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Andy Rooney Stepping Down

Andy Rooney, veteran writer and radio host, made his final appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes on October 9, 2011 after 33 years as a commentator. Rooney’s quirky wisdom has captivated audiences for decades. Here’s a […]

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Uncle Sam’s History Revealed

Uncle Sam is perhaps the most popular American Icon despite the fact that many people have no idea why. Little do many folks know that the iconic man whose proclamation “I Want You” was based […]

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12 Most Inspirational Quotes From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, was an innovative pioneer who leaves behind a legacy unmatched by few. His death at age 56 was a profound moment in history. To honor his life and legacy, here are […]

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Old Ad: Anguished Housewife Needs To Be Drugged

From the vintage files comes an advertisement geared at calming overworked and underpaid housewives from the makers of Serpasil.  The tranquilizing drug worked wonders for the likes of even Mahatma Ghandi.    Here’s Old Ad: […]

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80 Hottest Women Of The ’80s

Whether you lived through or missed the 1980s, the era was full of some of life’s greatest moments: big hair, heavy metal, spandex, Reaganomics, the birth of MTV, and John Hughes films.  The best part […]

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Pickup Lines Used By Star Wars Fans

Star Wars fanatics are generally not considered great at picking up women.   Perhaps their light sabers and movie obsession get in the way of attraction.  Whatever the cause, the effects were generally the same until […]

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The Top 9 Rejected Lines In Casablanca

Fans agree that Casablanca is one of Hollywood’s greatest films.  It’s script shines, it’s characters are (seemingly) flawless, and the romantic themes hit close to the heart.  The folks at MissCellania have rewritten some of […]

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