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LIFE’s 20 Worst Covers

LIFE magazine is celebrating it’s 75th year of operation. The acclaimed publishers have captivated audiences with over 2,200 remarkable images on their cover. They’ve also produced a few less than appealing copies. Here’s LIFE’s 20 […]

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10 Of The Best Veteran’s Day Quotes

Veteran’s Day 2011 is off to a great start. With all of the 11-11-11 celebrations going on, there’s no time to update the best quote list from last year. Enjoy it anyway. It’s a great […]

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20 Inanimate Objects That Stole The Show In Movies

Many uncelebrated objects, from Audrey Hepburn’s cigarette holder in Breakfast At Tiffany’s to Tom Hank’s volley ball “friend” Wilson in Castaway, and even, McLovin’s id in Superbad, were truly essential aspects of our favorite films. […]

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15 Worst Movie Mistakes In History

Murphy’s Law states “anything that can go wrong will” and those in the movie making industry know this all too well. Some of the most epic films, from The Goonies to Star Wars, and even […]

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The Worst Bands Of All Time

It’s no secret: some of the most popular bands (…Nickelback, anyone?) also pump out the world’s worst music. Music fans and haters have united to suggest and vote on the bands least deserving of their […]

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Never Before Seen Pictures Of Marilyn Monroe

There’s only one woman ever to grace the planet who could look smoking hot while sporting an ankle injury and crutches: Marilyn Monroe. Several just released photos taken by John Vachon of LOOK magazine capture […]

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If Life Were Like A Disney Movie

Disney has cornered the market on happy endings, the guy always gets the girl, and no matter what, good prevails over evil. Here’s If Life Were Like A Disney Movie.

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10 Emily Post Tips On Things Like Dressing To Meet The Pope And Shooing Away Drunks

In recent years, society has gotten pretty lax on things like courtesy, etiquette, and manners. There’s no greater resource for strengthening your social grace skills better than Emily Post. If you find yourself in perplexing […]

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The Bippolo Seed And Other Lost Stories: Trove Of Lost Dr. Seuss Stories

A new Dr. Seuss collection has been created to the celebration of young and older fans everywhere! The new book will feature reprints of Seuss’ work published in magazines through the 1940s and 1950s and […]

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6 Classic Songs That Were Supposed To Be Jokes

Song writing and production is generally grueling, hard work but every once in a while, chart topping mainstream songs accidentally happen. The musicians behind these exploding songs are often taken by surprise, especially when the […]

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