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22 Movie Quotes That Double As Great Advice

Good advice is easy to give and receive. Great advice isn’t. So turn to these 22 Movie Quotes That Double As Great Advice for wisdom.

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100 Best Albums of the 2000s

Hop into Eminem’s time machine and relive the 1990s with the 100 Best Albums of the 2000s. Trust me. It will make your heart sing. My GOD the memories…

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25 Movies From The ’80s That Every Kid Should See

Confession time: I felt I failed my children when they were dumbfounded by a E.T. reference one day. So I decided to do something about their movie education by sharing the films I grew up […]

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18 Dangerous Toys From History That Are Better Left In The Past

While watching cartoons with my boys, I noticed a new, more modern version of “My Buddy” is now being marketed. And that made me remember all the crazy toys I had as a child and […]

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Nirvana, 1991

Who doesn’t love a little Kurt Cobain and crew? Here’s a Friday flashback with Nirvana, 1991.

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11 Collectible Facts About Hot Wheels

An old friend from long ago had one of the biggest Hot Wheels collections I’d ever seen. And probably will never see anything like it again. This one is for him. Here’s 11 Collectible Facts […]

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Roadside Curiosities: Things That Make You Go “What The Heck?”

Roadside landmarks, crosses, and kill are no new thing embellishing the seemingly endless paved roads of America and other places. Some are much more interesting than others though. See a collection of them here with […]

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25 Vintage Photos Of Russians With Their Motorcycles In The Early 20th Century

The early 1900s were full of all sorts of great people, inventions, and things. One of which is the motorcycle. See some of the best here with the following 25 Vintage Photos Of Russians With […]

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Famous People Named Seth

There’s something to be said about people named Seth. These guys are often funny, popular, and highly intelligent. If you don’t believe me, see the proof for yourself here with Famous People Named Seth.

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Still Thinking About Your Ex? An Open Letter To Adele

There’s no one like (Adele) Laurie Blue Adkins to reach into your heart, mind, and soul and pull out that old lover you still might pine for in small or large ways. Apparently other folks […]

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