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NASA ‘Flying Saucer’ Launches To Test Mars Landing Tech

NASA’s Low Density Supersonic Decelerator was fired out to space from the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii. This is the second test launch of a saucer of this caliber. And this may help […]

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Our Ancestors Were Baby Sitters

Evolutionary biologists just completed an interesting study with conclusions which support the “it takes a village” theory in child rearing. It seems our ancient ancestors all took care of the young – even when there […]

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2015 Summer Movie Preview: The 15 Must-See Films

Summer is fast approaching so it’s best to have a go to line up of great rainy day flicks. From remakes to superheroes, new Minions and nearly everything else, here’s your 2015 Summer Movie Preview: […]

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Best Tech Gear Under $100 For Father’s Day

Honor your dad, grandpa, or guy who’s like a dad this year by picking up a great gift for him. Probably anything (and everything) on this list will do. Here’s the Best Father’s Day Gear […]

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25 Movie Scene Locations In Real Life

Imagine traveling the world. Then imagine traveling the world in search of your favorite scenes from your favorite movies. You can do all that without leaving the comfort of your Wifi with this one! Here […]

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23 Car Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Truck, van, and car drivers listen up! We found a great link about maximizing the tools at your fingertips as you trek on down the road. Read and learn the following 23 Car Hacks That […]

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Top Ten Futuristic Products

If someone had told us ten years ago that mankind would be overtaken by mobile phones and Facebook, we probably would have laughed. It beats the other options. As do the following Top Ten Futuristic […]

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GIFs Show Constellations Transforming Over 150,000 Years

Space dorks pay attention! Some internet genius made some great GIFS of the universe. And it’s really f*cking cool! See GIFS Show Constellations Transforming Over 150,000 Years.

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NASA’S Plan For An Off-World Colony: A Floating City Above Venus

If you thought living in space was something only astronauts and science fiction movie actors can pull off, think again. It’s a real possibility according to NASA’s Plan For An Off-World Colony: A Floating City […]

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100 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year

They say hindsight is 50/50 but what if in 2015 we could know now what we didn’t know then (in 2014)? Check out 100 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year.

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