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The Great Authorial Hook-Up Chart

Writers aren’t necessarily well known for their real life romantic appeal. But through time, some did way more making up and breaking up, side shagging and hooking up. Here’s a great map of the best […]

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Antarctica: 100 Years Of Exploration (Infographic)

Arctic ice may be melting us all into a full Earth tipping point into a place we can’t pull back from but man, have we had fun investigating its formerly frozen terrain! Check out Antarctica: […]

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The Caribbean Haven For Rich Russian Dissidents

The founder of Russia’s largest social network fled to the tiny island of St. Kitts – a place where anyone can buy citizenship. Read the story behind The Caribbean Haven For Rich Russian Dissidents.

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Memorial Day Quotes

Memorial Day weekend is upon us! Celebrate and honor those who have served our country with any of the following Memorial Day Quotes.

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The Science Of Selfies

Ugh the fine art of selfies…some people master it, some people don’t. Check out the underlying issues behind The Science of Selfies.

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Facebook Is Reportedly Building A New Snapchat Competitor

Great news for nudie pic lovers! Facebook is entering the Snapchat arena and developing its likeness for the world’s largest digital network. Read about it here with Facebook Is Reportedly Building A New Snapchat Competitor.

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19 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney Pixar’s “UP”

Few films, especially kid’s movies, reach into your heart and inspire you the way that “UP” does. No matter how many times you watch it, chances are you may not have noticed the following 19 […]

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Does True Love Exist? is the number one place to start a fight…on the Internet…about weighty things. Like true love. Read the narrow divide between both sides with Does True Love Exist?

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Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Want to really wow the woman who you call Mom? Check out some awesome ways here with Unique Mother’s Day Gifts.

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Maps of What The Earth Would Look Like If All The Ice Melted

Imagining the world without the icy caps of the North and South Poles is kind of wild. But entirely possible it seems. Here’s Maps of What The Earth Would Look Like If All The Ice […]

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