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The Ultimate Wedding Playlist

After you march down the aisle and exchange vows there’s only one thing left to do: PARTY! And the only way to party well is to have the perfect soundtrack. Since wedding season is in […]

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Does The Yeti Exist?

The ever present mysterious and legendary Yeti is a story passed on for generations but no one truly knows if it’s real. So scientists (and the rest of us) keep looking to find out Does […]

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Making A Child Resistant Cat Box

If your little one (or dog) is fascinated with the “sandbox the kitty goes potty in,” you’ll love this invention! Here’s a DIY that is awesome: Making A Child Resistant Cat Box.

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Why Ford’s Latest Pickup Truck Could Squeeze Its 2016 Profits

Have you heard about more and more automobile manufacturers turning to aluminum instead of steel for their auto bodies? I hadn’t until today. Here’s Why Ford’s Latest Pickup Truck Could Squeeze Its 2016 Profits.

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Inspired And Enraptured With The Cosmos

Science geeks unite! Celebrate! Rejoice! We’re ONE!!! And this one is for you: Inspired and Enraptured With The Cosmos.

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Thankful Tree

If you’re a parent you know very well how hard it is to instill a sense of gratitude in your youngsters. Why not capture both their love to create while teaching this valuable life lesson […]

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Amazon Will Reportedly Soon Sell Its Own Private-Label Groceries

Attention online shoppers! You may never have to leave your house! Amazon Will Reportedly Soon Sell Its Own Private-Label Groceries. Here’s to hermiting!

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Why Can’t We Hear Our Own Hearts Beat?

One of my favorite past times is laying on a loved one’s chest and listening to his or her heartbeat. There’s something so telling, so comforting, and so awesome in that rhythmic “lub-dub” song. It’s […]

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Best Family Vacations In The USA

With summer break fast approaching, it is time to think about things to do to keep your kids busy and maximize memory making for your family. Why not take a break, pack it up, and […]

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35 Brilliant Activities For A Rainy Day

If your spring has been as damp and cold and wet as ours, I feel for you. Tremendously. We’re climbing the walls here waitin’ on the sunshine. So rather than go bananas with boredom, we’re […]

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