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How To Snag A Job In International Social Work

Imagine traveling the world and doing good while getting paid! Explore an exciting career and perhaps even start one with How To Snag A Job In International Social Work.

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The Printable Excel Cheat Sheet

Find out everything you ever could want to know about Excel (and more!) with The Printable Excel Cheat Sheet.

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New JD Salinger Books Coming According To New Biography

Today, September 3, 2013 marks a really important day for fans of acclaimed author JD Salinger! A new bio co-written by David Shields and Shane Salerno will be published and open to the public on […]

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10 Real-Life Hidden Treasures You Could Still Find

Treasure is everywhere if you’re looking through the right perspective. And it’s also hidden out of sight for those who like to hunt such things. See for yourself here with 10 Real-Life Hidden Treasures You […]

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How To Say Cheers

It’s FRIDAY! And it’s time for happy hour. Stun your drinking companions by busting out your foreign tongue. Here’s How To Say Cheers in nearly every and any language!

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Cosmic Journeys: The Most Powerful Objects In The Universe

Would be astrophysicists, come on and take a little trip with me! Travel beyond life on earth to a new dimension with Cosmic Journeys: The Most Powerful Objects In The Universe.

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Revenge Of The Introvert

We are living in more than virtual insanity: we live in an extroverted-centric society. That’s great news for the outspoken, sociable types and bad news for the quiet ones who like to retreat to their […]

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Microscopic Life In A Single Drop Of Pond Water

Ponds are great for swimming, fishing, contemplating, and other activities. They’re also brimming with life that you can and can’t see. Check out Microscopic Life In A Single Drop Of Pond Water.

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Knowledge Nuts

Trust me and just check out Knowledge Nuts. This is a wonderful website designed specifically to minimize the amount of time you spend pouring over its content while maximizing the amount of information and learning […]

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10 Places To Find Back-to-School Clothes On The Cheap

Many students are enjoying the last of their summer break before fall settles in and it’s time to hit the books. And many parents are dreading the expense of replacing the kids outgrown clothes from […]

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