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Oldest Trees On The Planet

I knew that trees could live to be hundreds of years. But not thousands. Some of the trees on this list are reported to be several thousands of years old. To someone like me, that […]

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Top 10 Cases of Animals Saving Humans

We all love stories of heroes. And stories of animals. So when the heroes are animals saving human beings, I think it’s safe to say that only the coldest of hearts can ignore stories like […]

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The 10 Uncanniest Irish Mythological Creatures

In addition to leprechauns, which we are all somewhat familiar with, there are dozens of other mythological creatures from classical Irish folk literature. For example, there is the “gancanagh which is a male fairy known […]

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World’s Most Amazing Trees

Trees seem to have a special place deep within our primitive consciousness. There’s something about a forest of old trees that gives many of us the feeling of enchantment. Like we’re somewhere very special, with […]

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19 Eye Popping Pics of Cyborg Animals

Some very talented Photoshop artists participated in a contest to create some really amazing cyborg animal images. If you appreciate talent and creativity like we do, you’ll be sure to enjoy these 19 photos.

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11 Amazing Treehouses from Around the World

For many, one of the most memories from childhood is the time spent in tree houses. And these fond memories have spurred a cottage industry for creative or wealthy adults who want the coolest treehouse […]

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25 Inventions That Changed The Way We Do Business

We often take the things in modern society for granted. But there really was a time without relentless Texting and Facebook updates. Seriously. There was. No, I’m not joking.

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Do Fish Really Grow This Big?!?!

When we first saw this picture we thought it had to be fake. But after doing some research, we were able to confirm that some herrings actually do grow to be this big. This particular […]

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50 Best Video Game Weapons of All-Time

For the video game lovers out there, life doesn’t get much better than sitting around reminiscing about the good old days. You know, when we’d sit around for 12 hour gaming marathons that would last […]

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World Record House of Cards

Now this is a hobby that requires some patience! American architect Bryan Berg recently re-set the world record of largest house of cards ever built. This time he did so by building a model of […]

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