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10 Happiest Jobs

With unemployment rising, it’s hard to decide which path to take while mapping out your career choices or rerouting them due to the economy.  Here are the 10 Happiest Jobs to help you find your […]

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8 Current Technologies That Will Shape Our Future

Technology is advancing so quickly that in twenty years, our gadgets and devices will personalize and enhance every moment of our lives.  Many expect the digital world to have a “near telepathic” influence on our […]

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The Human Brain Reimagined

As the most complex organ within the human body, the brain never ceases to amaze us.  Artist Yaron Steinberg made a detailed representation of how his brain functions.  Here’s The Human Brain Reimagined.

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25 Great Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a great representation of who is behind the wheel.  Some folks take expressing themselves to an entirely new level with the phrases they stick on their cars.  Here are 25 Great Bumper […]

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Top 10 Places For Chocolate

Chocoholics take note: National Geographic has created a list of the best places in the world to get a fix…even if it’s 4:00 a.m. and you’re in Madrid.   The Top 10 Places For Chocolate includes […]

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10 Unusual Playgrounds From Around The World

Playgrounds have grown significantly since the risky days of merry go rounds, backless baby swings, steel slides, and wooden see saws.  Today’s playgrounds combine safety with imagination to provide really cool, totally unique areas for […]

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23 Creative Ways to Use Obsolete Technologies

Technology is advancing faster than most people can keep up.  If you find yourself surrounded by a whole bunch of seemingly useless “stuff” like old VHS videos, phone books, and broken cordless phones, before you […]

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Cast Away: 5 Amazing Stories Of Messages In Bottles

Though the likelihood of two people connecting via a message tucked within a bottle and tossed into see is highly unlikely, it’s not all that impossible.  These Cast Away: 5 Amazing Stories Of Messages In […]

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Fun Food Facts

Food is wonderful stuff.  It gives us energy, restores cells, and replenishes vitamin stores.  Here are some Fun Food Facts you will get a kick out of.

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Fifty New Exoplanets Discovered

Astronomers in Chile discovered whole new worlds, including 16 super Earths.  One of the super-Earth discoveries may even be hospitable to living organisms.  Here are the Fifty New Exoplanets Discovered.

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