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15 Roadside Signs As Movies

The mashup between some of Hollywood’s biggest movies and familiar roadside signs is truly amusing.  Compliments of Photoshop and some clever folks from Unreality, here’s 15 Roadside Signs As Movies.

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Building A Lego Vehicle

Legos aren’t just building blocks of every kid’s childhood, compliments of a new partnership between Legoland and Ford.    A group of engineers constructed a Ford Explorer out of 380,000 blocks for the Florida theme […]

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10 Of The Best Parents In Fiction

There are very few books in which children (and adults) read and wish that their folks were more like the characters in the stories.   Most kids want their parents to improve and many little ones […]

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Coffee Drinking Linked To Less Depression In Women

A new study completed by the Harvard School Of Health determined that coffee has mood elevating properties for women.  The team found that women have a 20% lower risk of depression if they regularly consumed […]

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The Top 10 Books Lost To Time

Some of the greatest literary figures, from Shakespeare to Homer and even Melville to Austen, completed books that no one will ever have the chance to read.   Here are The Top 10 Books Lost […]

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Blind People Can “See” Astonishing Things

A group of researchers from Tilburg University within the Netherlands created a simple experiment to test just how much blind people can see.  The results were amazing and proved that a blind person’s eyes still […]

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Does It Really Take More Muscles To Frown Than To Smile

We’ve all heard at our grumpiest moments that frowning expends more energy than smiling.  But is there any truth to this?  Does It Really Take More Muscles To Frown Than To Smile?

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Enjoy America’s Castles

Often when one hears the word “castles” images of Europe’s finest first pop into our minds.  The fact of the matter is, many castles, palaces, and other great architecture are found throughout North and South […]

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World Largest Sushi Roll Actually On The Menu

The Umewakea Restaurant within Anjo City, Japan, has supersized sushi.  With bragging rights to the World’s Largest Sushi Roll Actually On The Menu, sushi lovers will think they’ve found heaven on earth. The 8 inch […]

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Hollywood Classics As 3D Acrylic Paintings

Artist Stefan Da Costa Gomez’s showing of acrylic paintings featuring classic Hollywood stars is making waves.  Visitors even caught the magic of Gomez’s work through the magic of 3D glasses.  The secret to the look […]

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