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Wedding Ring Coffin

There’s nothing like the sting of a first divorce. Finding closure after a marriage end can be a long, difficult process. Some folks mourn once the divorce agreement is signed. Others celebrate. Regardless of how […]

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10 Pumpkin Sports

Pumpkin season is upon us. If you’re hard pressed to think of what to do with a pumpkin surplus or looking for ways to celebrate the Halloween season, here are 10 Pumpkin Sports to keep […]

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Here’s Upside To Embarrassing Moments: They Make People Like You

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a reassuring report that our biggest public flubs actually improve others’ opinions of us! This is great news for people who frequently trip, let gaseous air slip, […]

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Extreme Off Roading

Off roading is one of those exciting past times that true adventurers could never live without.  Some offroaders go too far near the edge in their quest for thrills.  Here’s Extreme Off Roading.

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10 Of The Best Business Cards

Anyone who’s anyone has a business card.  Most are ordinary, bland, rather nondescript.  Some, however, are simply extraordinary.   Here are 10 Of The Best Business Cards.

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Top 10 Misunderstood Creatures

What do rats, cockroaches, snakes, maggots, sharks, and black widows have in common?  They’re all among the creepy crawliest list of things that make us squirm.  Before you trap, squash or run screaming during your […]

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A Magic Flying Carpet

Flying carpets are the stuff that timeless childhood tales, like Aladdin, are made of.  For Noah Jafferis, a graduate student at Princeton, the idea came to life when he built a prototype of a Magic […]

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Researchers Uncover Secrets Of ‘Miracle Fruit’

Miracle fruit sounds like some sort of fantastic food from Eden’s Garden but it’s actually naturally occurring within West Africa.  The berries of the Synesapalum dulcifcum  plant have surprisingly “magical,” albeit hallucinogenic, properties yet no […]

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Things We Never Told You: Ode To A Bookstore Death (Image)

A laid off employee from Borders, a now defunct bookstore, created a large, handwritten poster revealing the secret truths of bookselling.  Complete with complaints regarding the former employee’s job responsibilities, here’s the Things We Never […]

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How Cooked Food Made Us Human

Richard Wrangham, a  Harvard anthropology professor, reported conclusions from his study regarding humans and evolution.  Wrangham determined that our primitive ancestors evolved from the apes simply by cooking food.  Wrangham also further hypothesized that cooking […]

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