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The Art Of Work: Avoiding The Pitfalls Of A Sedentary Job

People who work at a desk and live sedentary lifestyles often suffer negative consequences like poor health, weight gain, and even obesity. Since we are what we eat and have to do what we must, […]

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Who doesn’t looovvveee boobies? Miss Cellania has collected some of the funniest Boobicons. Think emoticons but with nipples…wink…wink.

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The Unearthly Beauty Of Antelope Canyon

Mother Nature took her time and over the course of thousands of millennia has used water to painstakingly create the corridors of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon. This breathtaking site appears to be “heaven on earth” and […]

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Boozing For Better Health

Great news for people who love to drink tequila! Current Biology published an article on February 16, 2012 which insists that a shot of tequila may work as well as an apple a day! Researchers […]

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What To Do When It Seems Like You Can’t Do Anything At All

Most would agree that life is better than the alternatives yet some days everything just sucks. Every path seems like a dead end, despite your best attempts at forging on, and every step feels like […]

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“Hard Day’s Night” Mystery Chord Solved Using Math

A longtime Beatles’ riddle which baffled musicians worldwide for over forty years regarding the chords to “A Hard Day’s Night” has been solved! Jason Brown, a Dalhousie mathematician, used the Fourier calculation in 2008 to […]

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Mardi Gras

It’s Fat Tuesday, “Carnival Season,” or Lupercalia (for those familiar with ancient Roman history)! Today’s the day where the circus of life is celebrated with parades, revelries, and all sorts of fun. Here’s more with […]

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The Forgetting Pill That Erases Memories Forever

The possibility of swallowing a pill and having traumatic experiences eradicated from your memory bank is near. A group of researchers have created a process to ensure just that. The process combines critical incident stress […]

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Rare Earth Element Tellurium Detected For The First Time In Ancient Starts

MIT researchers made a recent discovery of the very rare semiconducting alloy identified as tellurium on stars dated over 12 billion years old. Though tellurium is hard to find on Earth, it seems that the […]

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10 Born Again Christians in Hollywood

You might be used to seeing born-again Christians in the political sphere and as talking heads on news channels. Yet these are not the only areas in which being a born-again Christian has been coupled […]

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