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10 Green Ways to Improve Our Cities

Cities are great places in many respects. From the food you eat to the things you do, there are endless opportunities. But there are also downsides to cities. Such as all the cement. You know… […]

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How To Win Big in the App Market

Sometimes that one big business decision is enough to skyrocket you to success. Take Hothead Games, for instance. These guys are the ones that put out “Big Win Soccer,” which jolted to a #1 spot […]

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Amazing Photo: ‘Fire Rainbow’ Over South Florida

A rare phenomenon officially identified as “iridescent clouds” resembling rainbows isn’t something one sees after consuming hallucinogens. In fact, a number of people have reported viewing these rainbow-like cloud formations throughout the U.S. Not only […]

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The Horrible Crowes

Almost one year ago The Horrible Crowes, consisting of The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon and his pal Ian Perkins, debuted their first album, entitled Elsie. A worldwide tour followed and the rest can be found […]

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Food Imitating Art

Do not read any further if you love art and skipped breakfast today. Some of the most famous pieces of art have been reworked using delightful delicacies. Here’s more with Food Imitating Art.

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10 Firearms That Changed the Course of History

Guns have changed the world. In fact, one of the most popular theories explaining why civilization developed the way it did was titled “Guns, Germs and Steel” – three major factors in human history. Here […]

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Who’s Who: Lois Lane

Superman’s longtime love interest, Lois Lane, is more than a reporter. She is the only non-super superhero in the Comic kingdom great at uncovering and dishing the truth. Here’s more of her fascinating story with […]

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18 Household Tips That Will Help You Get Through Your Everyday Life

Everyone’s looking for ways to save time, resources, and energy. Anything that helps is a huge relief. Here are interesting ways to do just that with 18 Household Tips That Will Help You Get Through […]

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The Full Names Of 26 One-Name Celebrities

From Adele and Bono to Voltaire, Yanni, and Zucchero, Mental Floss has created a great list revealing The Full Names Of 26 One-Name Celebrities.

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Cubans Make Huge Daiquiri To Honor Hemingway

It’s no secret that acclaimed American author Ernest Hemingway spent lots of time drinking in Havana. In honor of that fact, the El Floridita tavern blended a 71 foot, 71 gallon drink to honor the […]

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