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10 Tallest Concrete Dams as Seen From Above

Sound engineering, precise design, and proper materials have allowed people to harness the power of water with dams despite earthquakes, floods, and other pressures. To truly appreciate the brilliance of these structures and the people […]

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Which Genes Are Responsible For Intelligence?

Chris Chabris and David Laibson are searching through tremendous amounts of genetic research based upon thousands of study participants to find a link between genetics and intelligence. Though they haven’t singled out one gene responsible […]

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Top 10 Must-See TED Talks For Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Current industry trends in the business market have forced companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations to reevaluate their policies and practices to secure their sustainability. One of the easiest ways to do this is by deferring to […]

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10 Clever And Creative Costumes For Halloween

Harness your imagination or latch on to someone else’s for great ideas this Halloween. From Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and Sally to the Gingerbread Man, Disney/Pixar lamps, and army men, the following 10 Clever And […]

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Top 10 iPhone Apps For Psychology Students And Professionals

Psychology professionals, students, and aficionados can now access a number of helpful apps based in their professions, studies, and interests all by their iPhone, Android, Smartphones, and other cellular devices. Here are some of the […]

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The Antlers

Every once in a while music hunters and huntresses discover a great band in all of the chase. One of which is the Brooklyn based Indie group The Antlers. The group weaves mesmerizing tales of […]

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10 Vintage Nursing Recruitment Posters From World War I

Nurses have been as vital to the health and well being of large populations since the profession originated well over one hundred years ago. Due to the demands of the job, rigorous marketing techniques were […]

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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Healthcare Professionals

iPhone apps aren’t just all fun and games. More and more, the iPhone is becoming a real professional tool. That’s not more true than in the healthcare field where hundreds of apps exist to make […]

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40 Crazy Awesome Autumn Pictures

Columbus Day usually marks the peak of foliage for most of us whose favorite season includes the falling of leaves. As the crisp air pushes away the remnants of summer and lawnmowers are replaced by […]

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250 Great Latin Phrases To Impress Your Friends

From Ovid to Horace, Cicero to Petrarch, Terence to Quintilianus, and a few more in between, philosophical minds devoted their best powers to craft some of the wisest, funniest, and sometimes ridiculous thoughts for the […]

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