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What If The Election Ends In A Tie?

While pondering the hypothetical “What ifs?” over my morning cup of coffee, I considered the presidential election. Though who I choose to vote for is my business, like everyone else in the states, I wondered […]

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Five Creativity Exercises To Find Your Passion

Living life without joie de vivre and passion is dull. Redundant. Stale. Uninteresting. In the grind of the day to day, often people forget that the purpose of life is to have fun. To remind […]

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Pet Couture: Not Just A Horse In Striped Pajamas

The act of adorning pets with costumes, clothes, and other articles has been around longer than today’s older women toting poodles wearing sweaters. In fact, the tradition is kind of neat. Check out the following […]

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Anthony Health: A Voice To Be Heard

Life in small towns can be rather unexciting at times. Which is why some escape the sometimes seemingly endless routine by venturing out to catch live music, have a few drinks, and hang out with […]

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50 Weird Facts About Humans

Jim Morrison said it best in the timeless tune “People Are Strange.” As humans, we do weird things. And our bodies have fascinating functions. If you don’t believe me, take a peek at the following […]

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10 Great TED Talks About the Social Web

The social web had changed human dynamics forever. Like minded people are no longer limited by location and can aggregate, congregate and share ideas. Here are ten TED talks that explore the past, present and […]

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The 20 Most Watched TED Talks To Date

What is as comforting as a favorite stuffed animal and as enlightening as having a group of the world’s greatest minds in your living room? TED Talks. This recorded gathering of the world’s most brilliant […]

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The Complete Guide To The Language Of Facebook

The world’s largest social network has multiple levels communicating styles. Getting informed of the most basic, to more advanced, and even expert languages, is a great way to maximize your Facebook experience. Here’s how with […]

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50 Awesome Resources For Teachers and Educators

The Internet is making it easier than ever for professionals in any field to find tools to help them do their job better. Here is an awesome list of Internet resources for teachers and educators, […]

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Why We Cry: The Science Of Sobbing And Emotional Tearing

Robert R. Provine, a psychology and neuroscience professor at the University of Maryland has applied the combination of anthropology, observation, and clinical research to better understand the biology, physiology, and neuropsychology of the one of […]

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