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Maxim Recruits A Readership In Uniform

One of the world’s most popular men’s magazines has (slightly) shifted their focus from hot babes and other manly past times to concentrate on veterans. Here’s more with Maxim Recruits A Readership In Uniform.

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Fighting May Have Shaped Evolution Of Human Hand

As humans, we learned the fine art of smacking things around since we were kids…and our long ago ancient ancestors may have greatly influenced the way our hands are shaped now. The ability to manipulate […]

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Going Social: The Use of Social Media to Provide Customer Service

Social networking is all the rage, and it’s just continuing to grow. Businesses are catching on and are turning to Facebook and Twitter to help engage with their customers. Got a problem but aren’t sure […]

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Summer Babies Less Likely To Be CEOS: UBC Research

Researchers from the Sauder School of Business within the University of British Columbia performed a study of 375 participants and found a link between birth date and if you’ve ever (or never) dreamed of owning […]

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The Best Android Apps For Your Car

Lifehacker is an authority on technology and living life well. While searching the app jungle looking for an apps to keep you busy during your commute or road trip, it’s a sound idea to consult […]

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The Reality Carnival

Looking for fun and fascinating science and intellectually curious things around the web? Look no further than the Reality Carnival, a daily link carnival featuring some of the best stuff from around the Internet. Curated […]

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Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady Welcome Daughter Vivian

Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, and their son Benjamin welcomed a new miracle to their family on December 5, 2012 when baby girl named Vivian Lake arrived! Here’s more with Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady Welcome […]

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9 Insanely Clever Sticky Notes

The daily grind can wear you out. The good news is simple things – like neat post it notes – can turn the ordinarily mundane work day into the extraordinary. Plus they make great co-worker […]

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The Perfect Football Fan

Football is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world. What’s becoming increasingly popular, as of late, is fantasy football. OneUp Games has developed an app called, Football Connect, that allows fantasy gamers […]

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JAWS-Dropping Moment Captured Of Great White Shark Flying Mid-Air Off South African Coast

How long would you wait for one fantastic moment especially when time is essentially the only resource we shouldn’t ever waste? Photographer Dana Allen invested three days on the seas off the coast of Cape […]

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