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Brilliant Spoofs Of The Classic Fantasy Novel Map

Parody maps have been around since 1969 when Harvard Lampoon published Bored of the Rings. And they just got a heck of a lot better with Flavorwire’s Brilliant Spoofs Of The Classic Fantasy Novel Map.

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Lego Paper Plane Folding Machine

At times, Spring weather is a little too rainy, cold or unstable for some fun outdoors with the kids. Rather than risk being bored, bust out the Legos and have a little fun. And check […]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye-Tracking Smartphone Unveiled

Get ready! Get set! And keep your eyes peeled for April 2013 when the latest in mobile devices is going a step ahead of all of its competition. And in the meantime, check out this: […]

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Leonardo Da Vinci Was Right All Along

A recent study of Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s works regarding human anatomy were precise and as thorough as the modern MRI. The Royal Collection Trust will reveal over 30 paintings comparing Da Vinci’s accuracy […]

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Welcome To SXSW 2013

The South By Southwest (SXSW) Conferences & Festivals 2013 is well underway. This year’s annual gathering dedicated to fostering the creative and professional lives of attendees with an original blend of music, films, and technologies […]

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What The Combined Wealth Of All 1,426 Billionaires Could Do

Forbes just published its 27th annual billionaires list. Those mentioned by the magazine are the wealthiest people on earth. When their fortunes are added up, the number totals a whopping $5.4 trillion. To show the […]

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America’s Best Work Out Spaces

Imagine biking through Aspen, swimming through the waters off the coast of Pemaquid Beach, and dragon boating in Tampa Bay. Then take a peek at the greatest places to sweat yourself to fitness with America’s […]

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The Top 25 Best Drake Songs Of All Time

Twenty six year old Canadian Aubrey Drake Graham has taken the world by storm since smashing into popularity with his 2009 debut album. In the years since, he’s rocked fans with, as George Steiner best […]

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Going To Mars in 2018: The Concept Is So Crazy It Might Work

Dennis Tito and his team of millionaire space tourists intend to send a man and woman into deep space for a 501 day journey to Mars. The mission launches on January 5, 2018 provided Tito […]

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16 Pictures That Prove Not All Cops Are Complete Jerks

When the police have a free moment between investigating crimes and protecting the universe, some take a comedy break. Though their reputations are sometimes questionable, some officers are just cool as hell. Here’s 16 Pictures […]

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