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Did You Know That You Grow Another Complete Celery Stalk From The Bottom Piece That You Cut Off And Throw Away?

The next time you’re stuffing your bird for Thanksgiving, making soup, or slicing up veggies for salad, save the ends of your celery stalks. You can reuse them to make more! Did you know that […]

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Graduating With Technology

Humans, including the smallest of them, are more plugged in than ever. A recent report shows how technology has effected youngsters who by the age of 5 generally can use a computer mouse but not […]

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‘Twilight’s’ Tent City: Hundreds of Campers Await L.A. Premiere

The last book of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling series is returning to the silver screen tonight and people are going wild already going to great lengths to see the show! That’s right, Edward, Bella, Jacob, and […]

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Today’s Cartoon

When genius meets drawings, one of the results is great cartoons. One of the world’s best creators of such gems is cartoonist Randy Glasbergen. Celebrate over your Friday morning coffee with Today’s Cartoon.

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The Presidential Battle In The Mobile App World

Election day is right around the corner (Nov. 6th) and the mobile app world is heating up. How so? 88% of registered voters own a cellphone of some kind. Over half of registered voters own […]

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Top 10 Ways To Smash A Pumpkin

Happy Day After Halloween! Whether you’re nursing a stomachache from all of the sweets, cleaning up the toilet paper and egg shells from all of the tricks, or nursing the fallout from the monster mash, […]

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What If The Election Ends In A Tie?

While pondering the hypothetical “What ifs?” over my morning cup of coffee, I considered the presidential election. Though who I choose to vote for is my business, like everyone else in the states, I wondered […]

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Five Creativity Exercises To Find Your Passion

Living life without joie de vivre and passion is dull. Redundant. Stale. Uninteresting. In the grind of the day to day, often people forget that the purpose of life is to have fun. To remind […]

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Pet Couture: Not Just A Horse In Striped Pajamas

The act of adorning pets with costumes, clothes, and other articles has been around longer than today’s older women toting poodles wearing sweaters. In fact, the tradition is kind of neat. Check out the following […]

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Anthony Health: A Voice To Be Heard

Life in small towns can be rather unexciting at times. Which is why some escape the sometimes seemingly endless routine by venturing out to catch live music, have a few drinks, and hang out with […]

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