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How Close Could A Person Get To The Sun And Survive?

The radiation from the sun turns any material into dust. The good news is, if a person got close to that great big burnin’ brightness in the sky, they’d be mostly okay point as long […]

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27 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names

If you don’t know what a “zarf” or a “grawlix” are, this link’s for you. Here’s a great list of words for the 27 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names.

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David Bowie Returns With His First New Music In Ten Years

“Rebel” Rocker David Bowie is back and he is just as good as he always was – if not better! The 66 year old has just released his first track, “Where Are We Now?” from […]

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King of the Jungle: 50 of the Best Examples of Lion Photography

The most social of the big cats that are considered the Kings and Queens of the savannas and planes of Africa and Asia King were captured by a number of photographers on a quest for […]

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Best Space Photos Of 2012

If your spirit is spacebound while you’re stuck on the ground, you will love this collection of the Best Space Photos of 2012. Check these out and enjoy everything from Orion’s dust to snow in […]

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What Kind Of Housemate Are You? [Infographic]

If you’ve ever lived with someone you just couldn’t stand, this link is for you to remind you of why you may want to live alone. Researchers from British Telecoms found that 42% of people […]

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New Year Traditions Around The World

Happy New Years Eve! While you await the end of the work day to move on to celebrate 2013, take a scroll through how people ring in the promise of a new year. Here’s New […]

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Maxim Recruits A Readership In Uniform

One of the world’s most popular men’s magazines has (slightly) shifted their focus from hot babes and other manly past times to concentrate on veterans. Here’s more with Maxim Recruits A Readership In Uniform.

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Fighting May Have Shaped Evolution Of Human Hand

As humans, we learned the fine art of smacking things around since we were kids…and our long ago ancient ancestors may have greatly influenced the way our hands are shaped now. The ability to manipulate […]

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Going Social: The Use of Social Media to Provide Customer Service

Social networking is all the rage, and it’s just continuing to grow. Businesses are catching on and are turning to Facebook and Twitter to help engage with their customers. Got a problem but aren’t sure […]

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