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2013 Festival Of Colors

The astounding wonder the Utah Kirishnas Holi celebration in Spanish Fork, Utah, paired with Devin Supertramp’s filmography has resulted in a magical video set to welcome spring. Here’s a look at what remote control helicopters […]

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11 Best Father/Son Activities

Time spent with your kids is fantastic. Especially when it improves the overall relationship between fathers and sons. Here’s a great list of the 11 Best Father/Son Activities.

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Job Confidential: 15 People Reveal The Truth About Their Work

When a small collection of people in a wide range of exciting careers anonymously opened up about their daily grind, they offered the world a revealing glimpse into their 9-5 (or midnight to morning) job […]

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The Best Facebook Games

If you’ve got Facebook, chances are high you’ve participated in Candy Crush, Farmville 2, Bejeweled Blitz, or others. It seems the world’s biggest social network has some really cool games to play. Check out The […]

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What Can Happen In An Internet Minute

The number of internet connections is predicted to be double the human population on earth by 2015. Given the amount of information available on the World Wide Web, imagine the endless possibilities of What Can […]

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Bring Out Your Inner Athlete

As far as we know, we’ve got one shot in the flesh we’re born into to make it as far as we can go. So it’s best to fuel up on good stuff and move […]

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20 Must-Read Children’s Books

The best thing a parent, grandparent, or caretaker can do for a child once he or she is fed, clothed, and properly sheltered is to read to him or her. To spark the wheels of […]

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Brilliant Spoofs Of The Classic Fantasy Novel Map

Parody maps have been around since 1969 when Harvard Lampoon published Bored of the Rings. And they just got a heck of a lot better with Flavorwire’s Brilliant Spoofs Of The Classic Fantasy Novel Map.

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Lego Paper Plane Folding Machine

At times, Spring weather is a little too rainy, cold or unstable for some fun outdoors with the kids. Rather than risk being bored, bust out the Legos and have a little fun. And check […]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye-Tracking Smartphone Unveiled

Get ready! Get set! And keep your eyes peeled for April 2013 when the latest in mobile devices is going a step ahead of all of its competition. And in the meantime, check out this: […]

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