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Daft Punk

Music lovers generally have mixed emotions when it comes to how they esteem Daft Punk. Some may applaud the electric group’s twenty year efforts at reviving old favorite tunes while others may believe they just […]

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10 Clever Commercials With Canine Stars

Advertising and public relations reps know on thing: man’s best friend moves product. And, since nearly every person on earth finds dogs totally cool, mutts help make the world go ’round especially when it comes […]

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Make Your Own Homemade Face Masks & Scrubs

With the rising cost of EVERYTHING, sometimes it’s nice to bring the spa home rather than go to the spa. Check out the following recipes for “shoestring” luxury with Make Your Own Homemade Face Masks […]

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10 Things Created Over A Couple Of Beers

Great ideas have sprung from the bottom of a bottle of brew. Though we all think we can save the world or accomplish miracles after one too many, some of us actually made millions with […]

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Gray Hair Is A Thing Of The Past

A team of scientists have determined precisely what makes hair lose its pigmentation and turn gray. And they have an “antioxidant” cocktail to prevent gray hair from happening. Here’s more of the article published in […]

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The 50 Best Graphic Novels

Narrative storytelling and comic style drawings are vital components to a great graphic novel. If you’ve never read them, you are TOTALLY missing out. Get started with any of the books on this list of […]

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15 Mesmerizing GIFS of Sea Life

Learn some cool facts about the ocean and check out some of its coolest creatures compliments of the hard work of designers with some neat GIFS. Here’s 15 Mesmerizing GIFS of Sea Life.

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72,000 Ladybugs Released Inside Mall Of America On Earth Day In Place Of Pesticides

The Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota deployed a surprising “biological defense” to protect its tropical plants: ladybugs. Check out more with 72,000 Ladybugs Released Inside Mall of America On Earth Day In Place Of […]

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Why Can’t Hollywood Make A Decent Fairy Tale Movie?

The tales passed down from generation to generation through verbal storytelling and put in books by the Grimm brothers can’t seem to make it to the silver screen without losing their most important bits. The […]

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Top 10 Mightiest Birds Of Prey In The World

Some of the biggest winged creatures – like eagles, vultures, and owls – are living at the uppermost portion of the food chain. A few have even shown man who the sky bosses are. Check […]

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