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6 Volcanoes Erupting Today In 6 Countries

A major earth event is occurring right under us: the lava brewing beneath the earth has decided to spout in several locations throughout the globe. This isn’t unusual since up to 10 -20 volcanoes are […]

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MTV Teen Meets 15 Siblings From Sperm-Donor Dad

Great news for (would be if it wasn’t for bad programming) MTV viewers: Teen Mom has been replaced with a new show Generation Cyro! Imagine wandering the earth not knowing part of your parentage but […]

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United Nations To Adopt Asteroid Defense Plan

In the wake of the Chelyabinsk area sonic boom and meteorite explosion earlier this year, international governments have turned their eyes toward the skies to develop means of protecting humans, property, and our life in […]

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The Art of the Save: Triage and the E.R.

The wonders of medicine never fail to astound us when we’re in a crisis situation and need immediate help. From smaller issues like stitches to much larger issues, here’s one for all of the great […]

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Christmas Countdown 2013

There’s an entire website devoted to keeping track of time until Santa arrives. Show it to your little ones and all of your Christmas crazies or use it as a nice reminder if you’re a […]

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Which Side of Your Brain is More Dominant?

Are you a thinker or a creator? Do you crave structure or feel fine in chaos? Do you apply logic and strategic thinking or do you fly by the moment? Take this cool test to […]

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25 Hottest Urban Legends

Snopes is great at sifting the factual from the not so factual. And they have a frequently updated list of the 25 Hottest Urban Legends to keep us all in the know. Check it out!

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So Bad So Good

We found a new (to us) website based solely on all the stuff we are so easily addicted: humor, sarcasm, wit, and pop culture. Check it out here with So Bad So Good.

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15 Fun Facts About the Lego Mini-Figure

To be Lego Man would be awesome, but just playing with him and his well loved Lego bricks is pretty freaking great. Grab the kids and learn the following 15 Fun Facts About the Lego […]

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The 50 Pictures in Perfect Timing

Snapping a great shot take precision, patience and as the following reveal, “perfect timing.” Check out these amazing shots with The 50 Pictures In Perfect Timing.

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