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Peanut Allergy Patch Quest Has DBV of France Evading Suitors

A team of scientists and medical researchers may have created Viaskin – a protective patch to protect allergic kids from the dangers of peanuts. Read more here with Peanut Allergy Patch Quest Has DBV of […]

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10 Of The World’s Most Radical Recycling Projects

Ever see or hear of a shipping container chic house? How about a defunct 1976 Boeing converted into a hostel? See how people turn trash to treasure with 10 Of The World’s Most Radical Recycling […]

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Battle Of The ‘Staches Raises Money For Men’s Health

It’s nearly the end of “Movember” so break out your razor and prepare to shave your scruff while offering your thanks and celebration. Here’s how you helped if you participated in this year’s “No Shave” […]

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18 Non Toy Gifts For Children

With only a little more than one week until Black Friday and only 35 shopping days until Christmas, it’s time to get thinking about what you’re putting under your tree. Especially for you kids. Get […]

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Christmas Countdown

There are only 36 days until Christmas 2014! Watch the clock here with Christmas Countdown!

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Why Do We Cry Tears Of Joy?

People are weird. We laugh when we shouldn’t. We cry when we are totally happy. Ever wonder why? Now you can know Why Do We Cry Tears Of Joy?

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Witches Are Real And Here’s What They Look Like

I have been accused of being a witch a time or two million. And one person once noted that my family may be a long line of them too. Perhaps that person is right. Perhaps […]

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In Conversation Jon Stewart

Veteran Daily Show host, comedian, writer, and political satirist has added movie producer to his credits. Check out his upcoming film and the direction of his show with In Conversation Jon Stewart.

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11 Sites To Order Business Cards

If you are beginning a new business venture, you’ll need to represent yourself on all domains. Including the real world. There’s not better way to do that than by networking and the tried and true, […]

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How To Sell Your Music On The Internet

Did you abandon your musical career for the sake of something more stable? We found some good news for you. You can resurrect your dreams and even make enough money to sustain yourself. Here’s How […]

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