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Where People Are Moving To

Ever want to get away from where you are, pack up, and start over somewhere else? You’re not alone. See where everyone else is going with Where People Are Moving To.

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The 124 States of America

Geography professor Andrew Shears of Mansfield University gathered bits of history regarding all of the states who wanted to succeed from the other 50 great of the USA. Then he made this cool map of […]

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4 Steps – Ask Men

Imagine learning nearly whatever you wanted to know about work, dressing well, eating right, working out, picking up your future girlfriend/wife, and other life experiences from someone you can trust in only 4 steps. Guess […]

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Year End Lists 2013: Movies

It’s hard to believe that this year is drawing to a close (already!?!) Harder still is the number of sub par, so-so, and super movies Hollywood released this year. Check them out here with Year […]

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5 Best Short Stories About The Holidays

Looking for a quick read to celebrate the season? Look no further than this! Here are the 5 Best Short Stories About The Holidays.

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Tech Gifts For The Guy Who Can’t Wait For The Latest Gadget

As the mother of boys, I’ve found that no matter what age, men are notoriously handy when it comes to knowing how to move, build, repair, and perhaps even destroy things. All they need is […]

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Indie rockers Typhoon and their cacophony of brilliance just released tour dates for 2014. See if they’re near you (and get yourself some tickets before they run out) by going to their official site here: […]

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Mapping Redheads: Which Country Has The Most?

As a women who has always had a special fondness for gingers, the Guardian’s release of a map indicating where all of the red heads are evoked strong feelings of delight. See where they are […]

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The Wikidrummer

Take one drum kit, one drummer, and a bunch of locations and what do you get? A really cool video of Julien Audigier on Natal drums playing his heart out all over. Check out The […]

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Seahorses Are Actually The Deadly Stealth Ninjas Of The Sea

Thanks to the latest research by the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Minnesota, the endlessly fascinating lives of seahorses have taken on a whole new direction. Check out how Seahorses Are […]

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