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The Bippolo Seed And Other Lost Stories: Trove Of Lost Dr. Seuss Stories

A new Dr. Seuss collection has been created to the celebration of young and older fans everywhere! The new book will feature reprints of Seuss’ work published in magazines through the 1940s and 1950s and […]

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Bad As Me: Tom Waits’ First All-New Studio Album In 7 Years

Crooner Tom Waits is back and he’s badder than ever. The famed musician has just released a new album and fans ’round the world are rejoicing. The new album combines Waits’ gravelly lyrics paired with […]

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Top Halloween Costume Ideas

If your stumped as to what to dress up in for Halloween this year, look no further. Here are some of the very best, Top Halloween Costume Ideas certain to scare every ghost and goblin.

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Photo Manipulations By Erik Johansson

Swedish artist Erik Johansson has created digitally modified photography that’s unlike most images available today. Johansson blends his creativity with some of the most mundane daily tasks (from playing Tetris to ironing) for this unique […]

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1980s Cartoon Heroes As Persons Of Leisure

A “memetic counterrevolution” is on commpliments of illustrations by Fab Ciraolo. The artist’s work, titled “Oldschool Heroes” combines some of the best cartoon characters from the 1980s with fashion. Here’s some 1980s Cartoon Heroes As […]

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Feature: New York Comic Con 2011 In Pictures [Gallery]

Comic Con 2011 just wrapped in New York where thousands of fans gathered to support the East Coast’s biggest popular culture convention. Plenty of sexy geeks displayed their creativity during this year’s NYC event. In […]

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32 Wittiest Comebacks Of All Time

The exchange of harsh words can cause a stir. There’s a lot of glory when, following a jab, one evens the score and returns fire with wit and a sharp tongue. Here are the 32 […]

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Supercut: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Friedrich Nietziche’s 1888 phrase may be one of the most reproduced and common lyrics in music. From R&B to country, metal to Pop, musicians have been singing Nietziche for decades and luckily, Slacktory made a […]

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Don’t Hold Back, Just Push Things Forward

It’s official: musical geniuses at Ithaca Audio have mastered the musical mashup. By combining all kinds of music, a man identified as Chris from the musical composition and sound design company located in Brighton, UK, […]

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10 Of The Best Business Cards

Anyone who’s anyone has a business card.  Most are ordinary, bland, rather nondescript.  Some, however, are simply extraordinary.   Here are 10 Of The Best Business Cards.

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