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How To Ditch Big Brother And Disappear Forever

Escapists take note: there may be ways to dive under the radar and disappear into thin air. Provided you play your cards right. Here’s How To Ditch Big Brother And Disappear Forever.

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The 50 Best Shotguns Ever Made

The reasons why people own guns are vastly different but considering the millions of folks who have firearms, some guns are much better than others. Whether for hunting, protection, or fun, many prefer a shotgun […]

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World’s Tallest Treehouse Leafs Trees In The Shade

Horace Burgess constructed a ten story, 10,000 square foot tree house made of recycled materials. The structure is located in Crossville, Tennessee and even houses a basketball court. Here’s more with the World’s Largest Tree […]

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2012 Movie Preview

This year is full of great flicks for film goers. With follow ups to great films like Batman, Spiderman, Taken, and Men In Black as well as new films like The Great Gatsby and Brave, […]

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Master’s Of Food Art

If you’ve never made a volcano out of mashed potatoes and gravy, you lived a terribly deprived childhood. If your mom scolded you at the table for transforming whatever her excuse for dinner was into […]

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How The Smart Car Works

DaimlerChrysler’s Smart Car, something that looks like the cross between a GEO Metro and pregnant roller skate, is speeding down the streets of just about every neighborhood within Europe and quickly gaining momentum in the […]

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Reader’s Poll: The 10 Most Anticipated Tours Of 2012

Rolling Stone asked its audience to tell them which of their most favorite recording artists and music groups they intend to see this year. From Bruce Springsteen to the Stones, The Black Keys and even […]

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25 Clever Ideas To Make Life Easier

Living a simple life is difficult in a life that’s overcomplicated by stuff. Luckily, The Daily Buzz has some really cool ways to declutter, stash, and store the more problematic possessions. As a bonus, they […]

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12 Hilarious Summer Pictures

The chill of January may be upon us but summer lives on in our hearts and is (thankfully) just a few months away. In the meantime, while waiting for the temperature to rise, enjoy the […]

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70 Amazing Houses From Around The World

A man is king of his castle. Since there’s no place like home, having a house that is well kept and aesthetically pleasing gives a man a sense of comfort unlike any other place on […]

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