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10 Hairstyles Men Love

Men tend to stay far out of the domain of women’s beauty until or unless a chick chops her hair off. Or his hands get tangled in her dried spaghetti, over product-ed tresses. So we […]

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What Can Attractive People Get Away With That The Rest Of Us Can’t?

They say looks can only take you so far so it’s what is inside of us that truly matters. I am a bit skeptical of that. Especially having witnessed how men respond to a beautiful […]

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How To Lie About Your Age

Do you ever hear how youthful you appear only to blow people away when you tell them your true age? Guess what. Here’s your chance to pull a fast one with How To Lie About […]

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The Real Roots of A Mid-Life Crisis

How do you know if you’re in a slump or if it’s something much deeper when you’re in the Autumn of your life? I don’t have the answer to that but I did find this […]

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10 Tiny Mistakes That Caused Massive Disasters

Mistakes happen. We all make them. Though the impact of the teensiest of oopsies can be more than massive in magnitude. Check out 10 Tiny Mistakes That Caused Massive Disasters.

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10 Terrifying Facts About Witches That Will Make You Believe They Actually Exist

I was married to someone who believed I came from a long line of witches. And even my children have thrown out reinforcement of that theory from time to time. So it makes me wonder […]

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What’s The Strangest Date You’ve Ever Been On?

Dating it’s for the faint of heart. Especially these days. Offer your experience and read about others’ with What’s The Strangest Date You’ve Ever Been On?

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Can Essential Oils Treat An Ear Infection?

As a mom with children who have had chronic ear infections and illnesses, there’s no pain quite as terrible as watching your child suffer. So when it comes to things like the common ear infection, […]

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New York’s Free Tuition Program Comes With A Major Catch

Governor Andrew Cuomo just passed a bill which allows NYS to pick up the tab on undergrad education for students attending CUNY and SUNY schools whose families earn less than $100k per year. But there’s […]

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19 People Try To Explain If “Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater,” Is A Correct Statement

I know people. I watch them with an observant, discerning eye. I recognize patterns. I judge them harshly if they wrong me (I’m human afterall!). And it’s both a blessing and curse that I can […]

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