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Can Coffee Help You Live Longer?

Inquiring minds want to know Can Coffee Help You Live Longer? Notice the glaring typo in the headline for this link and pardon my correction…maybe coffee can help one spell better too!

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Common Types of Mold In Homes

The rainy spring and summer here has me terribly concerned about mold. It seems it’s not only outside but also inside our house. If you have the same issues, see the Common Types of Mold […]

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How To Buy And Choose Weed Eaters

Now that I know my way around the yard with my mower, it’s time to look for a weed eater. See How To Buy And Choose Weed Eaters for more.

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Tired of The Piss And Moan

If I were a reporter, I’d shoot for an editorial piece on how everyone in the world is lamenting over NOTHING. It’s one of the major reasons why I tend to build my own bubble […]

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Shell Plans To Spend $1 Billion A Year On Clean Energy By 2020

In “It’s too f**king late” news, petro giant Shell has decided to turn over a new leaf. Read how Shell Plans To Spend $1 Billion A Year On Clean Energy By 2020.

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Pick Up Lines For Girls

We’ve all heard the cheesy lines men run on women but what about us ladies? What can we say to pick you up? Check out these Pick Up Lines For Girls…I’m off to try them […]

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You Asked: Why Do Summer Colds Feel So Much Worse?

Summer colds are the worst (especially when three of your four children have them at exactly the same time!) I’m not sure why but their impact is much deeper than a winter illness (perhaps because […]

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8 Causes of Eye Twitching

I’m having a terrible time with eye spasms that are intruding upon my everyday life. Not knowing what to do about it, I turned to Dr Google to find the 8 Causes of Eye Twitching…now […]

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10 Things That Happen When You Meet A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship

I know a thing or two about heartbreak because of toxic people. It seems there’s no shortage of pain in this world do to others who do not have our best intentions at heart. The […]

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Groundhogs

I have four baby woodchucks living beneath my storage shed. The little brown balls of (surprising) cuteness are absolutely, entirely unafraid of me. Which means there is probably a meaner predator lurking in the woods […]

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