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ThredUp, Seller of Secondhand Clothes, Bags $81 Million From Goldman Sachs

If you’re a woman or kid looking to save a little while still looking nice, chances are you may have found the way to stay within budget at the online clothes-sellers ThredUp. And you may […]

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The 24 Coolest Names For Different Groups Of Animals

Did you know a group of giraffes is called a tower? Do you know what a group of gorillas is? Here is a list to help with The 24 Coolest Names For Different Groups Of […]

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Trump and Clinton: Wisconsin Underdogs

Tonight is one of the more definitive nights in the 2016 US Presidential Election. Place your bets and hold your hats. Peruse Trump and Clinton: Wisconsin Underdogs.

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The Behind The Scenes Secrets of Airplane Pilots

If you’re like me and have an extreme fear of flying, you may not want to read what the master in command does once he settles into the cockpit. Or maybe you do. It’s your […]

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Famous People Born On January 9

What do Dave Matthews, Princess Kate, and Richard Nixon have in common with my son? They share a BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to them! Lets celebrate with this list of Famous People Born on January 9.

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Will A Robot Take Your Job?

People are getting outsourced all of the time by technology. Could you be next? Find out the risk of it happening to you with Will A Robot Take Your Job?

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What New Book Should You Read This Fall?

The only thing better than a summer read is a spring, winter, or especially fall one! Check out this great quiz to find your perfect book match for the days of cider, sweaters, foliage, and […]

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Eggless Eggs Exist And This Is What They Taste Like

Good news for people who have egg allergies! Hampton Creek Foods has an egg alternative which is taking the world by storm. Check out this great link about how Eggless Eggs Exist And This Is […]

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8 Habits Other Cultures Would Consider Rude

Ever notice how what one person thinks is ok, another may be offended by it? The same goes across the globe. Read about the 8 Habits Other Cultures Would Consider Rude here.

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