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Is It Hard To Be Single in Your 40s?

Sometimes I look for answers for hypothetical reasons. Other times I kick back and watch reality tv wondering why women (and some men) have this inflated sense of value. Then I wonder Is It hard […]

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Why Do Toys That Are Low On Battery Slow Down And Change Pitch Instead Of Stopping Completely?

Battery operated toys kind of freak me out. They go off with no provocation. They do weird stuff as their batteries drain out. And sometimes I just wonder “Why?!” Well, I found an answer to […]

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Blake Shelton Says Turning 40 Comes With Regrets

In just 10 days Blake Shelton will advance to the next stage of his life: his 40s. And with that honor comes great responsibility and perhaps some significant regret. Read about it here with Blake […]

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Why Would A Mother Do That?

During our school run today we witnessed a doe and a fawn crossing before us only to have the doe disappear into brush along the road and the fawn to motionlessly lay flat half in […]

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Why Night Light Is Messing Up Your Sleep

There’s few things as good for you as a good night’s rest. But there are many things that get in the way of that. One of which is this: Why Night Light Is Messing Up […]

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Why The First Cremation in the US Was So Controversial

Ever think about how and where you want your final resting place to be once your soul leaves behind your flesh? Me neither…not too much any way. Some people really, really think about it. And […]

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New Study: Anti-Abortion Laws Don’t Reduce Abortion Rates. Contraception Does.

A report recently published in The Lancet shows that abortion rates are on the decline but not for the reasons Republicans expect. Read more here with New Study: Anti-Abortion Laws Don’t Reduce Abortion Rates. Contraception […]

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What Is “Natural” Food? A Riddle Wrapped In Notions Of Good And Evil

Eating in modern times is as difficult as finding a website or conversation without the word “Facebook” entering in. Both are fraught with the pervasive evil some of us are trying to keep out of […]

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The Right Way To Adopt And Tips To Avoid A Scam

I never thought I’d look to television guru Dr Phil for advice and then turn it out to you. But I am. If you’re interested in becoming a parent and can/will not conceive, this one […]

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IRS Urges Americans: Come Clean Now, Before We Read Panama Papers

(Un)Happy Tax Day! The deadline is in a couple of hours and in light of the recent leak of the Panama Papers, all may not be well for those of us who have to pay […]

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