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Hearing Loss After A Concert Is Actually A Sign Your Ears Are Protecting Themselves

The good news for concertgoers is that the post-loud semi-deafness one experiences is generally 100% reversible. Read how Hearing Loss After A Conceret Is Actually A Sign Your Ears Are Protecting Themselves.

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‘Stranger Things’ Finale: Duffer Brothers Talk Cliffhangers, Death and Season 2

The new to Netflix series “Stranger Things” is not only a psychological, time mixing thriller but also a trip down the 1980’s memory lane reminiscent of some Goonies, E.T., Zapped, and Hitchcock mix. Check out […]

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Foxes: Facts and Pictures

Foxes in North America are plentiful and quite amazing. Learn interesting details of these cunning creatures with Foxes: Facts and Pictures.

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Rent Vs. Buy

If you are wondering if it’s better to rent a home or buy one, this link is for you! Check out Rent Vs. Buy. You may be surprised at what a computer algorithm has to […]

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Election Polling

Who better to turn to when it comes to asking questions than the Pew Research Center? I mean, other than their religious bend, they still have a moral ground to get a leg up on […]

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Glory Days Loser

Remember the True Stories magazine from years and years ago? Well, now it’s a website. And it has a great collection of tales for your reading entertainment, starting with this one: Glory Days Loser.

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Everything You Need To Know About How Light Affects Your Sleep

I love light but not when I’m trying to catch my beauty sleep. I’m the type that can’t even look at a smartphone in bed else I don’t get the rest I need. I ponder […]

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Is Every Civillization Destined To Collapse?

Looking back at history is often a great way to see the future (or so they say). This makes us wonder: Is Every Civilization Destined To Collapse?

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Biologically Speaking, Why Is There Such A Varience In Breast Sizes?

Breasts, buns, and penii are all in a day’s work ’round here. So when contemplating the issue of size, it makes absolute sense to defer to Reddit. Does size matter? Why aren’t all of our […]

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Why Do Couples Start To Look Like Each Other?

Have you ever looked at your longtime married grandparents and wondered why they resemble each other so much? I have. So I sought an answer to Why Do Couples Start To Look Like Each Other?

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