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A Most Interesting Bone

Hold tight and brace yourself for a below the belt bone that you likely didn’t know about until right now: the baculum. Imagine a penis bone capable of astounding even the most brilliant of minds. […]

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13 Reasons People Think The Number 13 Is Unlucky

Happy Friday the 13th! Turn on the scary movies, be on the lookout for black cats, and watch out for psychos! Then stop to consider the following 13 Reasons People Think The Number 13 is […]

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A Brief History Of Chemical Warfare

Syria is prominent on everyone’s minds but when we consider the past, it seems that people have been launching harmful substances at each other since 600 A.D. Here’s A Brief History Of Chemical Warfare.

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Why Did Pirates Wear Eyepatches

Ever wonder why all of the seafaring greats donned a black patch over an eye? Turns out it was to help their eyes adjust to going above and below deck frequently. Find out more to […]

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This Day In History

The History Channel is a great resource for events, surprising facts, and other happenings. Look back through the years to see what happened today, September 5, and other days, too! You’ll be amazed with This […]

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Does This Make Me Look Fat? Obesity Is Everywhere.

Throughout history, the issue of not-so-healthy plumpness was once that even great philosophers like Hippocrates noted. See for yourself here how body shape has carried through the ages with Does This Make Me Look Fat? […]

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Bachelorhood and Its Discontents

How do you feel about holy matrimony? Over the ages, people (especially philosophers) have often debated the merits of singlehood versus marriage. Is single better? Is settling down and raising a family better? Read about […]

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The Story Behind Stockholm Syndrome

The psychological phenomenon known as Stockholm Syndrome is one most people can’t understand. But it’s very real and originated almost forty years ago. Read the history behind it here with The Story Behind Stockholm Syndrome.

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Baseball’s 25 Greatest Moments

If you follow the all-American sport of baseball, chances are you’re familiar with some of the more incredible feats its players accomplished over the years. See a collection of them here with Baseball’s 25 Greatest […]

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Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You

We all know how wonderful the benefit of eight great hours of sleep can be but as it turns out, our predecessors were much unlike us in terms of “pillow time.” They spent a few […]

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