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Royal Baby: Prince William And Catherine Leave Hospital With Son

The “nameless-so-far” future king of England has been born! He weighed in at just over 8 pounds at his birth on July 22, 2013 and already posed for his first photo-op with his folks as […]

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The 10 Youngest People To Ever Achieve A Doctorate Degree

Hard work, determination, motivation, and a narrow focus have propelled many into success despite their age or lack there of. See for yourself here with The 10 Youngest People To Ever Achieve A Doctorate Degree.

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How Obamacare Affects You

It’s official: the U.S. will unroll it’s federal health care program (finally) as promised by President Barack Obama as he campaigned for his seat. Here’s a great infographic including the gist of all you wanted […]

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The Moment Kate Arrived At Hospital At 6 a.m. With William By Her Side: ‘Things Progressing Well’ After Duchess Goes Into Labour

The most anticipated birth in so long we can’t remember is under way! The Royal baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton is going to make his or her debut soon (though we have no […]

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Detroit Files For Chapter 9, Largest Ever Municipal Bankruptcy

The city of Detroit made history on July 18, 2013 when it filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. The once mighty, booming industrial hub once known as “Motor City” seems to have temporarily fallen to […]

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America’s Great Fourth Of July Celebrations

The 237th anniversary of the Independence of the United States happens tomorrow! Over the years, the parades, gatherings, and picnics, have offered magnificent displays of patriotism. See the best of them here with America’s Great […]

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Inside The Mind Of An Alchemist

Alchemical discoveries reach far back to ancient times but their wonder and power still prove strong today. Check out Larry Principe of Johns Hopkins University working his alchemy majesty with Inside The Mind Of An […]

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George Takei: A Defeat For DOMA – And The End Of ‘Ick’

In a historical moment for the LGBT communities within the US, the Supreme Court shot down the Defense of Marriage Act when it recently rendered DOMA unconstitutional. This is a huge step forward for America […]

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The Mystery Of Anna Bassett And Etta Place

The American Old West was full of barons, ranchers, and farmers trying to make their way in the wilderness but it was also full of hustlers, rogues, and scoundrels (think Butch Cassidy and Wild Bill […]

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Amelia Earhart Plane Search Turns Up New Clue

Since July 2, 1937, many have pondered the disappearance of famed female aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan. Until perhaps now thanks to the efforts of Ric Gillesepie and The International Group for […]

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