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Sin Taxes The Price of Pleasure

Would it or would it not be great if we all could smoke, drink, swear, toke, and gamble our hearts out without the government’s interference? Haha…dream on, suckers! And read how you’re paying for it […]

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rev ersedna

10 Convictions Reversed By DNA Evidence

Imagine serving a sentence for a crime you didn’t commit but were found guilty of. Thanks in part to technology, incidences like are largely preventable and if not, they usually are reversible. See the examples […]

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Boxing, Money, and Health: The Floyd Mayweather Case Study

When we think of boxing, most of us think of Floyd Mayweather. His professional career spans seventeen years and includes a number of wins, cash, injuries, and surprises. Get the facts about him here with […]

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World Leaders Who Killed Their Lovers

Crazy exes are not a modern invention. In fact, they date back as far as Ancient Egypt. See for yourself here with World Leaders Who Killed Their Lovers.

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10 Female Assassins And Their Intended Victims

When people think of “cold blooded killers,” most may think of men. Turns out there’s a bunch of gals who were just as murderous, if not more so, than the guys. Check out 10 Female […]

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Leonardo da Vinci's portrait of Isabella D'Este

Lost Da Vinci Painting Found?

Great news for the art world! A portrait believed to have been missing for over 500 years by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci was pulled out of a private, vaulted collection in Switzerland. And it’s […]

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8 Great Pioneers of Evolutionary Psychology

The mostly new branch of psychology which studies why and how people think and act the way they do roots all the way back to Charles Darwin. But didn’t truly emerge in prominence until the […]

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Surprise! Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange Websites Don’t Work; A Total Mess

Today the U.S. has made history since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act went into effect. Except it’s not really the kind of history politicians, government officials, and citizens were hoping for. Here’s Surprise! […]

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patient protection

Timeline: Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

In just four days, American’s can participate in insurance exchange programs to secure medical insurance through the government. Here’s a look back at the steps involved in getting this far with Timeline: Patient Protection and […]

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Education in the 21st Century

What are the benefits of blended learning environments? How long have they been around? Learn about learning here with Education in the 21st Century.

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